What other supps should I take along with Methastradrol???

  1. What other supps should I take along with Methastradrol???


    This is my first post and I've taken M-Drol before, but couldn't find anymore M-Drol on the net so I'm getting ready to start a cycle of Methastradol. From the research I did, it's the next best thing that's closest to M-Drol since it's a superdrol clone.
    My question to everyone is what other supplements (other than an on cycle and post cycle support which I will be taking) do you recommend I take with the Methastradol? Also what on cycle and post cycle support do you recommend I take?
    Any and all answers will be greatly appreciating, feel free to speak frank, I'm not one that takes offense really, I'm here for the information and knowledge.


  2. Make sure you run a proper PCT with any hormonal. SERMs and natty test boosters are very useful. Check out Intimidate SRT.

  3. Look into test bases for lethargy and libido
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  4. what will you currently be taking with it / when you're on pct? maybe that'll help some additions / subtractions?
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  5. make sure you have your pct on hand before you start. Tropinol XP and Intimidate SRT would be [email protected]

  6. Tudca for cycle support
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