big bo's fall/winter porr man's bulk

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    not at all man, just got my order in for adhea based product. money is tight for now but i would love to have some finaflex or shredded products to run. i am looking hard at the alpha 4d and m1t, diol . they look really good.
    Is that the order you've been waiting for?
    Life's a garden, dig it

  2. Quote Originally Posted by niners4reggie View Post
    Is that the order you've been waiting for?
    yeah finally got it straightened out with them. i really want to get some shredded though . that stuff looks awesome.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by chefbo View Post
    yeah finally got it straightened out with them. i really want to get some shredded though . that stuff looks awesome.
    Glad to hear that's taken care of. Shredded Labs makes good stuff from what I've been told so really looking forward to it!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  4. Damn near forgot to keep this up.
    Ihave been eatinglike crazy lately trying to add some pounds with nothing happening but my gut coming back. I may have added a pound or two but that is it.
    My workouts have been pretty intense so I know that has something to do with it. Started the prohormones Tuesday. Nothing yet but I wouldn't expect it anyway. I am looking at getting some dbol and teen to carry this thing out and a test base for god measure. Got to line up pct first then get the rest.
    Meantime eat lift sleep is the plan.

  5. This is our "older lifter's" dilemma: increasing calories puts the weight on the belly area! I'm having the same issue.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kenpoengineer View Post
    This is our "older lifter's" dilemma: increasing calories puts the weight on the belly area! I'm having the same issue.
    Same here
    Life's a garden, dig it

  7. did chest at home tonight

    2 scoops fitmax pre workout

    cable incline press
    78 for 4 sets 10-15

    pec deck flyes
    4 sets 65 for 10

    dumbbell flat press
    super set
    incline fly
    35,35,40,40 10-15

    flat bench curl
    25 for 2 sets to failure

    flat flyes
    1 set 25 to failure finisher

    great pump , awesome focus i was in the zone for this one. not to bad for small home gym i have. do what you can with what you got!

    joint support afterward stretching and ab work. off to be for much needed rest . off tomorrow r&r.

    pork chops, baked potato, white rice , green beans for dinner , hitting those carbs double in the evening. liking the feel and look of this one even with the soreness.
    more to reveal later on down the road.

  8. Nice work!!
    Life's a garden, dig it

  9. hadn't been able to train lately been so busy iwth home life , flu shots , dog sick, regular stuff . Built a bench for myself last night out of spare wood i had for flower boxes. it isn't pretty but it will hold my old butt up . i am gonna get some treated 4x4's and 2x6's this week end and put together a rack for a bar. saw some heavy duty boat hooks i can use to rack the weight should be sturdy enough. now to get some more weight . thsi should take my ho,e lifting to a new level.

    got my bulk up from andro factory adn the p-bold is on it s way. i am gonna purchase azine from shredded labs . Brett the president has a special and recommends it for my bulk to go along with the dhea. i will list everything when i have it all in hand along with all support material i will be taking. iwant to swell on this stuff. i am having trouble eating enough rigth now just can't seem to gain anything. which bother sme becasue my training has slowed because of work and home projects taking so much time. now on the good note , i go on vacation for hunting next saturday for two week over the holiday and i will be able to train at my gym everyday i want. i should be able to get some much need iron time in 14 days. shoudler is still an issue but i am working around it. i will log again when things are squared away.

  10. i am so far behind on this it is pitiful.
    did chest, arms and leggs this week as best i could . no weight gain to speak of so far. which is depressing. shoulder is beginning to be a nuisance , probably need to get back the the chiro for some adjustments.
    had to work this morning and tomorrow even though i am offically ion vacation i switched weekends to help out someone at work.

    so instead of hunting this morning after work i lifted.

    shoulders and they will be remining me of it tomorrow because it was AWESOME!!!!!
    MIXED UP THE ROUTINE today to shock them . did some torq work with seated dumbbell presses
    20for 40,30for30,40for20
    faced down revierse raises same amount

    seated military press o n the smith
    5//3/1 wendler
    75 for 10
    75 for 4 sets of 10
    bentover raises
    25-10 4 sets
    finished with Reggie's favorite- destroyers
    4 sets 25,15,5 to failure
    my traps and delts and pulsing as we speak and that was over two hours ago.

    my ass will be hurting in the morning.
    now since andro's website forum is all screwed up i will say this , is tarted on bulk up 10 days ago and got p-bold tuesday. dosage is 4 caps ulk up in th morning with fish oil, hawthorne berry and 3 mls of p-bold
    p-bold in the evening before dinner or right after training whichever comes first 3 mls

    i am excited to see what will happen on these compounds the reviews and logs of the andro mass products were really motivating . we shall see.
    whether or not i add a methly at the end or during depends on money. if so i will add it to both this and the andro log. i am still on fitmax by preformax labs and flexible by forumtech almost done with them though maybe 7 more days.

  11. i've moved this log to http://*****************.com/forum/f...=1385327209902 jsut ot hard to keep up two logs. check out old guys doing stuff for an update.

  12. Good luck with the new forum
    Life's a garden, dig it


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