Any advice would be awesome

  1. Any advice would be awesome

    Hey guys, not really one to bulk or cut, just like eating right and getting the best lean physique I can...
    Currently 5'11", 195lbs', 15% bf.
    Like I said, don't feel like bulking or dropping weight, just looking to get bigger and stronger
    Just looking for few opinions about my daily diet and training routine...

    8am - protein shake, 3 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, 1 cup dry oats w/1% milk, ON opti-men multivitamin, 2 1000mg flaxseed softgels.

    10:30am - 8oz fresh tuna (recent fishing trip), 1 cup broccoli, handful of almonds/soy nuts/cashews.

    12:00pm - train : Mon - heavy day shoulder, heavy day bi's and tri's, light day traps. Tues - 20 mins of sprints, heavy abs. Wed - heavy legs. Thurs - heavy back, heavy traps, light abs. Fri - heavy chest, light shoulders. Sat - 20 mins of sprints, all around core training. Sun - relaxxx!

    (With a pre workout shake consisting of a pre workout called Muscle Marinade as well as Con-Crete creatine - all workouts ranging from 1-1.5 hours, sipping Xtend throughout - followed by an immediate shake consisting of 40g of ON whey protein, 60g dextrose, 3g beta-alaline).

    2/2:30pm - 8 oz chicken breast, 1 cup brown or wild rice, multivitamin, 2 1000mg flaxseed softgels.

    5:00pm - 8 oz chicken breast/tilapia/tuna/turkey/lean ground beef, 1 cup broccoli.

    8:00pm - 8oz salmon/egg whites/lean ground beef/top sirloin steak (once a week), 1 cup canned green beans or carrots, multivitamin.

    10:30 - 30g casein protein shake w/5g glutamine, 2 1000 mg flaxseed softgels.

    Whatcha guys think? Any tips or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  2. You could deal with a different multi and the glutamine isn't really necessary.

    Athletic Multi or Orange Triad would be good options.

    I would recommend Fish Oil except that you are ingesting copious amounts of fish already.

    I see nothing wrong with your diet and nutrition really, but working out 6 days a week is a bit much. I would try to get a rest day in the middle of the week if I were you to allow your body adequate time to work on the gains.

  3. Few things I notice that I recommend would be:

    -take out the casien shake and have another whole food meal.
    -since you are bulking, if you wanted to you dont have to limit your top sirloin to once a week. I actually had is 2x a day when I was cutting even.
    -As a couple flip-flops, I would save the money on the over priced Con-Crete and get some Mono instead, that way you can upgrade your whey protein to an isolate. My favorite is Isotean.
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  4. OP have you tried GDAs before your meals? that may help you get more of those calories into the muscle were you want it.
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  5. You could try Athletic Multi - A good multivitamin, Fish oil, and Con-cret is over priced as stated above. Creatine mono is super cheap and has the same effectiveness if not better!

    Also try not working out as much or at least limiting the amount of time if you are going to go 6 days a week

  6. A really good protein you could try is Red Velvet Protean! if you wanted to change things around a bit


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