Mass gaining for a competition

  1. Mass gaining for a competition

    Hey guys,

    I am fairly new to Anabolic Minds and decided to post a question that I have been wrestling with for a while.

    I am also fairly new to body building. I have been lifting heavy for approximately 2 years and 8 months. When I started I weighed 145-150 lbs and my current weight is 205. If I were to guess my body fat is probably pretty high right now during my bulk, maybe somewhere around 18%. Just a guess. My diet is on point however - currently I am eating 6-7 meals/day, and sticking to mostly protein and complex carbs, with a good amount of veg as well. For supplements I am taking a multivitamin, vit C, vit D, and few herbal extracts. I just took a Test booster (A-HD) for the last 6 weeks which I am no longer taking. I drink probably 2 whey isolate protein shakes each day, and I take pre workout (GAC technologies NITRAFLEX, WOOHOOOO!) 30 min before my workouts. Currently I am working out 3 days in a row, with 1 day rest. Usually I will cycle throughout the month like this and sometimes take 2 days rest if I need the recovery. How long do you guys think I need to train before seriously considering a bodybuilding competition? I was thinking 2-3 more years of heavy training. Please share with me your thoughts about this. Thanks!


  2. However long it takes you to get body you want. That's up to you how long it'll take.
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  3. You can compete whenever you want to. I would suggest researching some shows in your area and taking one in to see what you might be getting into.
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  4. Agree with others.
    Also, what would you guess or say are your strong points? (not just physique wise, but your outlook or ability to go after what you want!?)
    What are your weak points?

  5. First, coming from a fellow competitor, I recommend checking out a show or two. See what it is like, maybe even talk to a few competitors.

    Second, get a coach. They will not only help you with diet and training, but also how to pose and what you realistically would be looking at before you should step on stage. There are plenty of coaches that do online, and if you go to a show you will find some there as they are most likely there to see their athletes perform.

    Also, do you plan to do a natural show or say NPC show? HUGE difference.

    Just want to help you out.
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  6. Bigger guys in npc or natural?

  7. And thank you everyone

  8. Quote Originally Posted by josephardy View Post
    Bigger guys in npc or natural?
    bigger guys are in the NPC. Granted some guys are natural in NPC, but not many and they dont do as well on stage. Then again, every time you step on stage it should be about being better then you were previously.
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  9. Don't rush it for sure. Compete when you feel that you are ready. Keep on adding some mass in the meantime. Supplements will help but if you are cycling the best bet would be increased protein intake. So shovel down some Protean on that bulk. Make sure you do your PCT correctly when you cycle off so you don't lose all that hard earned mass.


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