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    I love sugar at night, I always wake up with a raging appetite for a huge breakfast.
    Hmm may have to try this
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  2. 1 cup "no sugar added" ice cream

    2 scoops whey

    1 cup milk

    Now I can eat a milkshake and not feel like a tubby

  3. 1 cap Nforce
    2 cups cinnamon toast crunch
    2 cups milk
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  4. I eat cottage cheese and drink a Protean shake before bed. Sometimes I'll throw in an egg.

  5. I will have a Red Velvet Protean Shake before beD!

  6. or I mix some Protean or Isotean up with some greek yogurt and add some oats or cottage cheese!

  7. I drink a nice size glass of milk and eat a spoon full or so of peanut butter.


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