1. Lasagne

    Is lasagne any good for bulking

  2. yes
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  3. Good coz I've just had a monster portion :-)

  4. Lol is this a serious question. Of course it is probably my all time favorite bulking food. **** tons of carbs, Protein, relatively ok on fat depending, vegetables and delicious all in one beautiful pan.
    Have a good day!!!

  5. Blend it up.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by backbaycopley View Post
    Blend it up.

  7. I eat lasagna all the time, and as little dude said, its relatively nutritious and versitile in which ingredients you use. I usually make stuffed shells and season the meat depending on how I feel. If in the mood for mex ill season the ground beef or turkey with cumim and cyanne pepper, throw in some chiles or jalapenos and its poppin! Many different ways to tweak lasagna.


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