Female bulking

  1. Female bulking

    I am asking this question for a friend from work. She is a small girl weighing only 105, her goal
    Is to compete in figure competitions. She had been training heavy, doing a standard 5 day training split with zero cardio. She is currently taking in 2260 calories a day and not gaining an ounce. If it were a guy I would just go crazy and eat everything. But I have no idea what to do for females. So my question is what do you guys suggest for a daily caloric intake for her, and what supplements can girls use to help bulk.

  2. There isn't any difference bubba. She just needs to eat more cals than she is using. Bump her cals up 250 and see what happens. If nothing happens then go another 250 until the scale moves. Protein powder would be a good start as far as supplements but food should be the first choice.
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  3. She uses a whey protein supplement, and a multivitamin. Should she throw a variation of creatine in there? Alright and increase her calories 250 a week till she gains?

  4. Creatine will help and Casein is a great supplement as a slow digesting protein to take right before bed. I would try adding those, drink lots of water and then just continue adjusting the caloric intake. She should be shooting to gain about .5 LB a week if it's a clean bulk.

    Creatine will add some additional weight right away from water absorption.

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