To cut or to bulk & calories...please help

  1. To cut or to bulk & calories...please help

    I am kind of in a bad situation. I am new to lifting and working out after a long time. I am 5 foot 11, 190 pounds, i have a lot of body fat and little muscle. I dont know if I should cut and slim down or bulk up so I have muscle when I do slim down.

    Can someone tell me if I calculated my calories right too.

    bulk - TEE..3705 + 500 = 4200 calories?

    cut - TEE..3705 - 500 = 3200 calories?


  2. look into recomping. Its a diet that sonsists of building muscle and loosing fat.

  3. Trying to bulk up & having muscle under fat won't look too good...

    My suggestion is eat a clean diet. (what are you eating now?)
    Make sure to count your protein. Me personally I eyeball/use my fist to try and gauge & protein is my # thing I count. You may have to actually count out your calories and figure exact macros for yourself.
    Look into a 40/40/20 diet plan.
    Look into MISS cardio and HIIT, as I do both throughout the week.
    Lifting I do a mix of both heavy/light high/low reps.
    Different people respond well to different things, I'd say pick on thing and try it for 2-3 months and see how things go.
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  4. You will add muscle and drop fat easy if you are new to the game! Just eat clean, 6 meals a day... go lift your a$$ ass off 4 days a week on a good program and maybe one day cardio and abbs. This is what I would do to add some good muscle and loose fat at the same time, this will only work for so long though! Then you get to were allot of us are now, takes eating and lifting to the extreme just to gain a few more pounds of muslce!

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