Suggested exercises for triceps?

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  1. Question Suggested exercises for triceps?


    Sam here, saw this website while searching Google. Seems like a decent place to gather information. Anywho, i've been weight lifting for about two years now, but I just recently started to push myself to bulk up. I am wondering what would be recommended for adding mass to my triceps, exercise wise.

    I don't have parallel bars, nor do i have super fancy equipment, i only posses a good ol' fashion flat bench and weight rack. Recently, i've started doing weighted dips, still haven't found my 1rm yet. Any ideas for exercises other than parallel bars to add mass to my Tri's?

  2. JM Press
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. JM Press? Sorry, i'm not very acquainted with some of the weight lifting lingo. >.>

  4. if you had parallel bars, id be weirded out. if you have a bench, the main ones id do would be:
    close grip bench press
    skull crushers
    bench dips

    if your weight rack consists of dumbbells then you can do kickbacks and overhead triceps extension.

    just go to any workout and see what recommended people do for triceps. see if you can do them and build a list.

  5. Well i meant like a dip machine, or something of that sort. haha, but thanks. I heard that the Skull crushers did long term damage to your elbows. Myth, or what?

    Since i'm not a very tall dude, nor over wide..i have smaller hands, and on top of that i've broken my left wrist several times. So the close grip bench press is very uncomfortable to do. Replacement suggestions?

  6. literally google "tricep exercises". and i believe if you do them right, skull crusher are fine. if you are nervous, then don't do them.

  7. A JM press is sort of like a combination between a skull crusher and a close grip bench.

    If you cant do close grip bench or are worried about skull crushers then you have to start thinking outside the box. Firstly, Dips are a great place to start. Secondly, Maybe invest in an EZ grip bar to take the tension off the wrists.

    You could always perform dumbbell overhead extensions....

  8. floor press, man! that and close grip...i also like to do pushups with my hands really close and elbows tucked in...if you find them too easy, add wight on your back.

  9. Best exercises for triceps have always been and will always be - IMO - dips.

    Dip it up until you can dip no more, and then add some weight to it. If done correctly they will target your triceps tremendously well and it is harder to cheat on them.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  10. Skull crushers, buy some wrist wraps and support your wrist, dont extend all the way out on the positive, keep a slight bend in your elbows while doing them, superset with diamond pushups, I use this when im bored of dips...goodluck

  11. 2nd on the close grip press recommendations
    Romans 8:38-39

    Save sorrow for the souls in doubt

  12. Dips > skull crushers > close grip bench > kickbacks or cable pushdowns

  13. dips and floor presses are the way to go!

  14. Close grip bench, diamond pushups.

  15. CGBP, French Press, etc.

  16. Thanks for all the tips guys!

  17. Weighted dips heavy weight go down slow !!!
  18. To get the best Triceps

    Dips & close grip bench definitely work for you. It seems that you need it extremely and if you do it properly, it will surely gives you the best triceps you needed.

  19. Dips
    Close-grip BP
    Tricep Extensions

    in order of anecdotal effectiveness

  20. Same answer mate:

    Close bench

    Triceps love a good stretch and contract (like most) never heard bad news on skullies for elbows? If wrists a problem do them with dumbells and rotate your wrist to a comfy position.

    Once you've built up a bit of strength/ confidence going heavy will help strengthen your bones in your wrist.

  21. If skulls hurt your elbows, u have to drop the bar farther over your head instead of right over your head. Just means you have longass forearms

  22. Hands down best two tricep exercises are close grip bench with good form and weighted dips with elbows tucked in. Work your way up in some weight on these and watch those guns grow. Honestly I have gotten some great results doing tucked in elbow pushups with strict form and really focusing on the lockout. Good luck buddy

  23. Quote Originally Posted by StickmanLee View Post
    Triceps love a good stretch and contract (like most) never heard bad news on skullies for elbows?
    Some people have problems with any tricep extension exercise. It's actually one of the benefits of the JM press is you can still have that sort of movement, but it usually wont bother people with those problems. I don't know why they have them in the first place, though.

    My answer is basically ==> close grip bench press, dips, french press, JM press

    I would suggest a couple of others but since you only have a flat bench you can just fool with those for a while. If you have dumbbells you have some more options, too, like skullcrushers and Tate presses.

  24. I feel like if an exercise is hurting you, your form is off or your using too much weight. Skull crushers target the whole head of the triceps and are prob the best imo. Dips are awesome too but your using accessory muscles as well doing dips. No doubt they are still awesome.

    Heavy bench should also trash your tri's so I would do tri's on chest day. If you bigger tri's you have to push the weight. I would superset skulls with diamond pushups. Weighted dips are also a must.

    Cant go wrong with skulls and dips. If skulls **** up your elbow, just do heavy dips man

  25. JM Press, rolling db ext, tate press


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