No interest in losing weight. Only fat. Test cyp/hcg/anastrozole on duty

  1. No interest in losing weight. Only fat. Test cyp/hcg/anastrozole on duty

    Howdy all.

    Natural test was around 600, started a protocol of 200mg test, 500iu HCG and anastrozole weekly along with some thyroid med.

    Sitting at 240lbs and 23% bf. I could honestly care less if I lose a pound, as long as I lose fat.

    I train 1.5h a day, 5 days a week broken up into groups. Cardio is biking 3-4 days a week.

    With the test and hcg and whatnot, should I be looking at a calorie RESTRICTION to do what I want, or should I be feeding the muscle?

    Or, noob question, can you bulk and cut fat at the same time, or is it fruitless to try?
    Improve or die trying.

  2. Your going to be told to wait till ur bf% is a lot less. But to answer ur question u want to lose fat and gain muscle which is called recomp not as effective as bulking then cutting but still works.

  3. Ok, should my approach at this point be to continue to add muscle, or cut some fat first?
    Improve or die trying.

  4. Well you can probably do both but deffinetly try to cut bf % down before you run a cycle. I would eat clean and maybe eat more on workout days and less on rest days.

  5. There is a good thread on here that is good motivation check out last years transformation contest by needtobuildmuscle and nutraplanet. A lot of guys drastically changed their body and the winner and runner up were both bigger to start.

  6. I'll look for that, thanks.

    The doc I saw didn't have any qualms with prescribing the test, hcg, anastrozole and thyroid med in my current state. I'm not really 'cycling', I'm just going on this protocol.

    I mean, there's no way that having this stuff in me is going to hurt my cause, is it?
    Improve or die trying.


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