The 1 yr bulk from 185 to 225ish

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  1. The 1 yr bulk from 185 to 225ish

    Hello yall,
    I figured Id start a bulking log for others to view and to put some pressure on myself to stick to it. I keep going back n forth between bulking and cutting. I recently cut down to 175 and wasnt thrilled with my appearance. For 1 I was flat and 2 I needed more mass. So here I go. Im bulking thru the spring, summer, fall,winter and spring 2013. Im making a log to monitor progress and to push myself.

    Heres some info on myself:
    185 this am nude
    married with kids
    arms 17" flexed cold
    waist 34.5"(this is where all my fat acummulates
    calves 15.5(sux)
    thighs 24.5
    chest 45
    shoulders 52.25

    Currently the diet consists of 6 meals that consist of oats, potatoes( all kinds), whole wheat pasta,wheat bread, wraps, veggies, cheese, eggs, protien shakes, lots of chicken, tilapia, tukey, shrimp, brown rice some almonds or peanut butter...blah blah blah

    ex day

    meal 1: whole wheat begal, milk, 3egg whites, 2 whole eggs, protein shake
    meal 2: 6oz cooked chicken and 1 cup brown rice 2tbsp peanut butter
    post workout: 10oz juice, 45g protien shake
    meal 4: 1 cup of rice or 2 potatoes 5 oz tilapia cooked
    meal 5: turkey n cheese sandwhich glass of milk and 3.5 oz chicken 20 almonds
    bedtime: 20g carbs is the goal w greek yogurt or cottage cheese with egg protien shake

    I feel I may be missing out some fats but I will adjust diet as needed.

    Training for me varies a lot. I dont care for too many plans that exist. I just do me! This week looked like this:

    Mon Chest-flat bench 3-4 sets after warmup 5-9reps, incline 3 sets 5-12 reps, 2 sets db flat until fail. cable crosses, biceps 6-8 sets
    tues Back- not going thru it all...triceps 9 sets
    thurs legs...........lats........
    sat chest heavy....6 sets of 2-3 reps, same with inline
    sun biceps and abs and lateral raises( havent done shoulders alone in a long time and yes they look great.

    I only use a pre workout for energy and I use products that work. I use pitbull V2 along with a homemade expresso shot, BOOM! Im ready!
    Oh yeah and Im currently running
    400mg test E
    500mg EQ
    1mg letro a weeks

    I will up date my pics the next day that I can get my wife to take some shots. So here we go. I need to put on some serious mass without looking like a total fat A**! I want between .5-1lbs a week. Ill adjust cals as neccessary. If I lower the gear Im using down at times Ill cut back on cals a bit. Any advise or questions Ill get back to you. I will update weight weekly and stats as I see fit. Ill post some PR lifts as well as they come.

  2. I'm just about to start bulking / recomp myself so I'll be along for the ride!

  3. just finished a clean bulk. now cutting for 2 weeks or so then clean bulking till i pop!
    Performax Labs Product Specialist

  4. subbed. 40lbs is a big goal. only one way to get there. KILL IT!

  5. ^^^Yes 40lbs is a lot fo sho! But I figure im bulking for 52+ weeks. I need to put aside how I look and get er done. BTW I will not come off gear as Ive decided to cruise and blast... It is never a easy decision to make but I have kids and probably wont have anymore. I want to really put on mass here.

    Anyway The next 4 weeks will be 750 test e, and 300eq. Then way down to cruise thru the summer. I went to take some pics today at the gym but my retarded ass left my phone in the car!!!

  6. weighed in today this am 186.3lbs

    Yesterday I was 187 in am but my weight varies a lot day to day so Ill post my sunday morning weigh ins. Its chest(heavy) today. Ill try to put up some before pics.

  7. big goals good luck bro... you should check out getting blood work when you about a month or two into it to make sure everything is ok I just did that and found a few things to be out of whack. And yes it was after being on and still on test and tren .. so check out private md labs dot com and most states you can order and pay for your own test. Its worth it. Also if you google search coupon for them you will find ones out there for %15 off i did and it worked total cost was like $55 for test i ordered

  8. I get blood work year for work. I will also get it done thru my primary dr. And I didnt just start my cycle. Im 10 weeks in. But I may have to check out those sites so I can get it done more often. I had labs done 1 month after my last test only cycle and after pct. Everything checked out perfect. I really want to get checked out while Im cruising to make sure everythings in check.

  9. ^^^And if I dont reach those goals I wont be too upset!!! Im just setting my goals high. If I can hit 210-215 Id still be very happy

  10. It wil be nice to se how much you are able to gain, good luck with the bulk!
    40 lbs is a big goal, but i know it's possible.

    I've been bulking for about 4 months now, and i have gone up 25lbs.
    I have been up too 33lbs, but then i damaged my shoulder and had to take a break from the workouts..
    And this was all naturell, so with the little extra you are having, i have no doubt in my mind you will make your goal!

  11. Weigh in this morning was 187.7lbs

    So a week n a half ago i adjusted my test to 750mg a week and discontinued the equipoise. About 2 days ago I saw my stamina in the gym go down. The shortness of breath began. Today in the gym I hit legs. I was tired, my knees hurt and last night was a long night! So I went in and was planning to take it easy. I went with hack squats 1st. did a couple sets of 200lbs. then went to 300lbs. Felt abnormally light. So I added another 100lbs and busted out 15 reps! PR for sure. And let me just say I never do half ass squats, presses of any sort. Form is always consistent and I either get the reps or fail, period. So after that I went to the leg press. Had tons of plates on there. What I normally rep 6-8reps I hit for 14reps! PR city. I felt good and was slightly hung over( I dont drink much anymore). Did some deads which I never do. I hate them, but I did em anyway. Went up to 405lbs....PR. Finished up with 5 sets of single leg calf raises and extentions which I normally use 165 for 15 reps. I did 210 for 16reps. Crazy how much test bumped me up from the eq.

    So ill say that eq helps with stamina and vascularity but other than that Id rather just run test. I have 1 more week or so of the higher dose test then Ill drop it a ton. Anyway Ive made another pound or so towards the goal so I cant complain. Stay tuned!

  12. Congrats on all re PRs man! I'm looking forward to starting my test cycle over the next few weeks and reading your log makes ne want to start it NOW! Lol

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Lukef2000 View Post
    Congrats on all re PRs man! I'm looking forward to starting my test cycle over the next few weeks and reading your log makes ne want to start it NOW! Lol
    ^^^Aesome! Just have everything lined up and know how to combat sides. For me its bloating. For test E or cyp you just have to be patient if your not using a kicker. GL

  14. Quote Originally Posted by evodrag

    ^^^Aesome! Just have everything lined up and know how to combat sides. For me its bloating. For test E or cyp you just have to be patient if your not using a kicker. GL
    I'm doing a kicker of anadrol so hopefully that should get things going. Having a bit of a supply issue so my only AI is erase. Hopefully that will suffice. Keep killing it man!!
  15. Stangdjc
    Stangdjc's Avatar

    On my 2nd week of EQ and Test E, your thread is helping me thru my first cycle. So keep killing it bro.

  16. ^^^Just hang in there. It took me 5 weeks to really notice this time. Anyway no official weigh in today cause I was traveling. But thursday I was 189.1lbs. Thats 4.1lbs in under 3 weeks. Not too bad. Id love to keep running the higher dose test but for health reasons Ill be dropping to 250mg a week. No plan to change diet and we ll see what happens.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Stangdjc View Post
    On my 2nd week of EQ and Test E, your thread is helping me thru my first cycle. So keep killing it bro.
    whats up with your avi?
    Getting back into the swing of things

  18. 189.0lbs
    Arms are 17.33 inch

    Had a crappy week. Eating was off. Injured my left hami at softball. It was a week ago and its still all black and blue. Pain has gone away but Ill have to give it a few weeks before I hit legs again As for diet Ive been stressed about a big move. Ill be traveling 1250 miles in July for work. Much nicer place to live but its kinda stressful with family. Ive been eating not so good sources, less protein. I also drank a few nights which makes a big difference in my workouts. So I need to start fresh this week and clean it up.

    Anyway, Im thinking of starting a 5X5 with my big lifts and see if I can add some strength and size. My new PR with benching 225 is 15 reps. When I punch that into a max bench calculator it says 329lbs. I was hoping to hit a new max bench of 315 but I got in the gym saturday morn and wasnt feeling it. I started moring up in weight and when I got to 275 It felt heaveir than norm so I just did a few reps with that. Then 295 1 rep. Im thinking of doing 5X5's with T-bar rows, pull ups or lat pull downs, bench(incline and flat), squats when hami is better. Has anyone thats not a newbie had any success with the 5X5's. Ive never done them.

  19. I got huge off of 5x5s. Granted, my version was a pyramid of 5s until failure.
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  20. So you start at a weight you can handle and keep adding weight until you cant do 5?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by evodrag
    So you start at a weight you can handle and keep adding weight until you cant do 5?
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

  22. Weigh in 191.0lbs

    Im up 6lbs in about 5 weeks so things are still going well. No drop offs in strength since the cruise started. I decided to go with the 5X5 with my compound lifts. My hamstring is still sore and bruised so I still cant hit legs which has been depressing. Yesterday I was playing some whiffleball and even with a light jog it was sore so Ill continue to rest the legs. Im looking into my next blast being a short one that'll look something like this:

    250mg a wk test E 1-8
    1 tab super DMZ preworkout 1-3
    100mg EOD tren Ace 3-8

    SD makes me nervous so itll be 10mg a day and of course all the liver supports and plenty of water. Im interested to see how I gain with the most potent injectable and tabs...Hahaha

  23. Im having a really hard time deciding on if I want to run 1/2 dose super dmz to kick off before I run the tren ace. Anyone had any good/bad experiences with it. Im up in the air about it.

  24. weight 190.3

    Ive eaten terrible this week. Ive drank too much. Im bloated and feel weak. But now its time to get srs again. As of right now Im dancing with the devil. I know these are crappy before with my shirt on but I want to give myself an idea of what 10 weeks of tren e will bring to the table. Im a lil nervous but Ill keep the dose low. No SDMZ as Ill just be running the tren with test. supports will be lots of water, hawthorne berry, saw P, lots of fish oils and I have some prami for the prolactin sides. Here we go! time to get big or go home!

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