How much and what should i eat?

  1. How much and what should i eat?

    I have been eating a lot but I havnt been gaining like I would like I have been in the 150s for like forever any advice on how often I should eat and what to eat

  2. First go to and track what you eat in a normal day. Then try to add 500 more calories. Try the website go there and type in how many calories you same, and pick some foods, and it will give you a basic outline for a diet.

  3. first off post your stats and training regime and i will calculate your TDEE

  4. post your typical diet and training routine and amount of sleep you're getting on an average night and we can help. and be honest with it. if you arent honest, you're only hurting yourself
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  5. Eat rice before you go to bed if you want mass


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