Most important?

  1. Most important?

    What do u guys think is more important hitting your macro goals or hitting your calorie goals for a given day ?

  2. Micros=calories. As long as you get macros you need, you automatically get the calories u need.

  3. Then my diet needs some reworking lol

  4. Lol let us know if u need help

  5. Well I get what u saying. What I did was said I wanna stay at or under 100 g carbs and my protein at least 150 to 200 and as far as calories 2700 to 3000 I just never added in my fats to see whats left over. See in a fireman and we work 24 hr shifts so if I don't do a good job of planning my meals for that day I'm screwed which is what happened today. So the original question was because I was wondering if I should just get my calories despite most of them coming from carbs. Sorry for the long azz rant lol

  6. Well, i see what you mean. As long as you get your protein, carbs, and fat I'n, your good to go. Depends on your goal tho so it will effect how much protein/carb/fat you need. What's your goal? What's your current stat? And thanks for your service since u said you are a firefighter!

  7. Oh thanks bro we don't get much love. I'm 5'9 195ish at the moment I'm trying to cut some bf and maintain if not build some more muscle pretty much a recomp before I get started on my sdrol cycle probably in march. I'm not starting til march cause I live in new orleans and don't want to worry about drinking and sh*t during mardi gras lol

  8. What's your cycle history by the way. Epi is very good for cutting. I ran an epi cycle a while back and gained 6 pounds while losing 1-2% bodyfat. With superdrol/sdrol i don't get that lean look, like with epi but superdrol made me strong as hell. If it's your first cycle, do epi or halodrol.

  9. I did a cycle of dbol way back when I was young dumb and you know the rest about a year ago I did a cycle of halotest and really learned how to run a cycle thanks to this site my goal is to be a monster but I wanted to shed a lil fat before I ran my sdrol


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