my slow progress over 5 years, pics included

  1. my slow progress over 5 years, pics included

    so i started working out in 2007ish, little bit as a kid in jr high and stuff, just playing around though. ive been in a couple car wrecks, had a couple surgerys, had 2 kids, got married, moved to a different state, got a associates degree, bought a house and work on my car a ton lol. i would say i hit the gym hard for 4 months and for some reason end up getting burnt out and take 4 months off after. i have not been dedicated the whole time, to say the least. i thought some people could appreciate these pictures though....

    april 2007-bulking
    Name:  april 23 2007.jpg
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    march 2008-bulking
    Name:  mar 24 2008.jpg
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    september2011-starting to cut
    Name:  2011-11-04_19-58-54_968.jpg
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    Name:  2011-12-18_17-55-16_104.jpg
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    january 2012- recomp
    Name:  progress pic.jpg
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    Corn is to popcorn as, prohormones are to steriods...

  2. For not working out continuously, good work!

  3. i usually only lose strength when i take time off, i wish i had pictures of 09 and 10...
    Corn is to popcorn as, prohormones are to steriods...

  4. Awesome job! You are the example of what people should follow IMO. You did not look like you gained too much fat while bulking for so long which probably made your cut very easy. Bodybuilding is a marathon not a sprint and people need to realize that bulking is not an excuse to get fat or out of shape. It should be done controlled and slowly like you did. Keep up the hard work.

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