H-drol questions

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  1. As of right now I am natural but starting next week I will take h drol. So yes I will be taking a steroid and so are you.

  2. Fair enough then, but I don't think a med school will frown on it regardless

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Majike44 View Post
    Fair enough then, but I don't think a med school will frown on it regardless

    All I am telling you is be careful what you put online. Medical schools do research applicants online i know students who have not gotten in because of things they had on their faceook.

  4. Ouch, well appreciate the warning, not meaning to be rude

  5. Quote Originally Posted by gward View Post
    I don't believe in hard gainers, it's called an improper diet or simply not eating enough and/or doing a girly workout. I recently ran a cycle of H-Drol and didn't think it was worth it due to the sides / gains / cost. Sure I made gains, but I would've made gains anyway, just might have taken a little longer. Then during PCT you'll lose some of it. If I were you I'd look into a ZMA supplement first (herbal testosterone booster).

    But if you're determined to run a cycle read up, I found this post to be invaluable, I can't post links yet but search for "the stupid people's guide to pct" it's the 9th one down.

    I was eating about 3500 cal's a day while doing it, but depends how active you are, I'm 6ft and sit all my ass all day at work.
    I disagree with this.... Not sure you were doing the cycle properly, or maybe your body type was not meant for the product. As a first time PH H-drol had a major impact on me, it helped me put on 15 lbs at the highest point. I would strongly suggest H-drol to a first time user, proper diet and plenty of good clean calories and the gains are inevitable with the product! I'm now two months post cycle and with the proper pct have maintained 8-10 lbs of the 15.

  6. Aside from some of the good advice given, this thread is full of---->


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