help on macros for my coming ph bulk

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    help on macros for my coming ph bulk

    ok im going to be doing a ph run and i just need some help with my diet i plan on starting my bulk at about 3500 calories i have read alot of different things about macro nutrients enough to make my head spin so i just need some guidance from personal experiance i plan on doing a 40 40 20 diet but at 3500 calories that places my protein intake at 350 grams a day along side with carbs at 350 as well and 80 grams fat but eating 350 grams of protein has me eating like 60 grams of protein a meal since i eat 6 meals a day isnt that too much i cant digest that can i ? please help i just want to do this right

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    If ur doing a ph cycle you should already have your diet close to perfected. If it is then just upp calories by 500. And phs help your body use more protein which you would know if u did enough research to effectively use the ph. Do more research
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