Ultimate Nutrition's IsoMass..anyone used?

  1. Ultimate Nutrition's IsoMass..anyone used?

    Anyone tried this weight gainer? results,taste?

  2. I use this. Great product. Can be pricey though but look at everything it comes with! Add 2 tspns of peanut butter with whole milk and you got yourself a great tasting shake with lots of calories.

  3. Oats/protien powder/olive oil or liquid fish oil
    Easy cheap gainer, save some money.. I recommend the cake batter or the chocolate peanut butter whey to build muscle

  4. Lots of creatine, lots of calories. I'd only use it post-workout because the carbs are basically sugar, but otherwise, it's solid. I always think making your own is preferable though.

  5. Ive started using oats PB and whey its going good so far. thanks

  6. taste is terrible....add ice cream, fruit and honey and its OK. love the product tho

    the problem with making your own with all the stuff iso has, is that u would need a freakin expensive blender. my blender was $120, and i have a hard time blending alot of stuff at once for a home shake.

    when i do a home shake, its just whey, fruit, ice, honey

    i only take iso when bulking and only post workout.
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