Please Help A Bulk Out Newb/ Anabolic tips

  1. Exclamation Please Help A Bulk Out Newb/ Anabolic tips

    Hey so this is my first post, but I really don't know where to go, and I thought hey, a website filled with strangers, where better?
    I am ready to get serious about the gym, I feel like everyone in my group of friends is bulking up, or getting defined, I've been noticing this since I started college.. I kept telling my self it was going to happen, and well now I am soft-stomached and wanting to get bulked up, efficiently, and I want to be as dedicated as I can, **** I don't want to bore anyone and make this to long - Basically I need some starter tips AND I have been really curious about anabolic steroids, the kind you can buy online? Do they really help? Or is it only the illegal ones I hear about that work?

  2. Welcome to AM! It sounds like you have a lot of research to do my friend. If you're "soft stomached," I take it that you haven't been training. If not, resist the urge to jump on the AAS wagon right off the bat. Start a routine and build a natural base first. At 22 you should have lots of stamina and drive. Think of AAS like NOS in racing. You don't hit it right from go, rather save it just till the right moment. This prob isn't what you wanted to hear, but I think you'd get the best results this way.

  3. Supplements if you are new to training, you should only be on the staples. these include BCAAs, Creatine, Fish Oil, Multi Vitamin and protein.

    BCAAs - i like body mortar

    Creatine - many types. find what works for you. Mono - bulk or NeoVar, Cee, Nitrate...etc

    Protein - Whey Protein

    There are many articles on dieting for your goals. also visit for more articles.

    Depending on your goals, there is a wide variety of training methods. lets start with your goals. what do u want your body to look like?

    As far as steroids, stay far far away from them until you are older. if you want more info on them and how then can/will affect your body, just let me know i will be happy to provide you with them. if u want info on steroids, post in the anabolic section.

    If you absolutely want to take some form of muscle building supplements, state that as well and we can provide info on certain natural stacks you can take. i can also give you a nice discount if you choose to buy app nut supplements.
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