Winter Gainers Are Over. Now What??

  1. Winter Gainers Are Over. Now What??

    Okay so im getting ready to start stocking up on my spring/summer protein I just finished my last bucket of my winter weight gainer.

    Last summer I used "GNC Pro Performance® AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60" it didnt have any carbs so I always had to throw in peanut butter with it and the taste scarred me so bad I refuse to use this again.( I have such a high tolerance for bad tasting food, thanks to my diet)

    So if anyway could suggest a good protein that wont bloat me but still help pack on some muscle. That would be great thanks.

  2. I simply use ON Gold Standard Whey. only 3 carbs per scoops.

  3. great taste too

  4. thats a good one. myofusion is good as well.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by bakerderek0 View Post
    I simply use ON Gold Standard Whey. only 3 carbs per scoops.
    Yup, I've got three 5lbs tubs of this on my kitchen sink as we speak! Bang-for-the-buck you can't go wrong.

  6. Yeah Im a big fan of a lot of servings. Im sick of going through a container in less then a week to a week.

  7. ON 100% Whey is a great product, cant beat a nice 10lb bag!

  8. ON pro complex for the morning...
    and then ON after max for PWO...go see the nutrition profile for it.. its sickk.
    the most completee PWO shake out there.

    40g protein, 40g fast acting carbs, 5g creatine, 5g glutamine, 1g taurine, and a crap load of vitamins and bcaa's.... everything you need post workout =)

  9. Quote Originally Posted by DHumphreys View Post
    ON 100% Whey is a great product, cant beat a nice 10lb bag!
    10lb bag? i'll have to find one of those

  10. ONs
    i have the 10 pounders stocked up
    ONs casein

    a scoop of each for my daytime shakes

  11. I go for the Myoplex Lite no Carb or whatever.

    Sam's Club's finest. 2g of carb per serving, $25 for a big ass bag.
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  12. I used ON gold standard for years. Its good stuff and tastes good too. Switched a couple months ago to Whey to Build Muscle from NTBM. Tastes great too...the Ice cream sandwich and Vanilla caramel flavors are tasty and that's all I've tried so far.
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  13. Check out Golden Gains:
    * casein, hydrowhey, egg protein 20g
    * oat flour carbs, fiber, WMS 41g
    * fruits and veggies 5g
    * flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, MCTs 5.5g
    * GFH™ complex containing aminos and mierals


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