Bulk. Where to start?

  1. Bulk. Where to start?

    I am a beginner. I think I need to bulk. I posted a question but it got ignored. I would greatly appreciate any information anybody has for me. Thanks for your time!

    I am 5 foot 10ish and 155 lbs.

    Could really use some help with nutrition and lifting in general.

    Looking for any help or information I can get.

  2. Quick overview.

    Eat at least 25 grams of protein every 3-4 hours.

    Try to eat at least 3-4 meals with rice, pasta, potatos, etc. You need calories so dont be scared to eat a lot of carbs.

    Work out with instensity. Lift heavy, but shoot for 10-15 reps. You dont sound too experienced so dont worry about going for the really low reps just yet.

    Drink a good weight gainer shake a hour or so before bed. I prefer Cyto-Gainer by Cyto Sport.

    Eat a lot of beef and chicken for your protein source.

    Good luck and ask if you need anymore help.

  3. How much are you eating now?

  4. Right now, I don't really eat. I am thin. In the morning I'll usually eat a bowl of raisin brain with some skim milk. Some mornings if I feel like it, I'll eat some scrambled eggs. most of the time i am busy doing school work so I don't think about food.

    For a snack I'll eat a banana or whatever is around the house. Sometimes just a glass of skim milk. If there is left over chicken legs, I'll eat one or two. Sometimes because I cant find food in my house, I'll just eat a couple of crackers or a slice of bread with peanut butter. just so I can get on with my day. A lot of times there is NOT a bunch of food in my house.

    For lunch, I might go eat fast food if there is nothing in the house. or I'll eat...you guessed it...Chicken legs! Sometimes my mom freezes hamburger patties, so I'll eat one of those on some wheat bread.

    For dinner I usually eat a couple of chicken legs (we eat chicken EVERYDAY in my house) and a salad with olive oil and vinegar. because I'm so hungry throughout the day, I'll eat bad food like brownies or cookies or whatever I can munch on that's in the house.

    I am very unhappy with the way I eat.

    Does anyone have a meal plan I can follow?

  5. it shouldnt be to hard to hit 180 in no time....i was 156 and jumped to 180 in 2 months......eat ur ass off and drink whole milk imo.....chicken/beef/pork/fish/eggs/sweet potatos/brown rice/wheats/peanut butter/veggies/fruits/nuts......thats a few things to eat and i was just drinking a gallon of whole milk a day<cheap and easy way to get big.......over here we got milk for 99 cents a gallon!

  6. meal 1-7am- 4 eggs, 3 toast, protien shake
    meal 2- 1030am- pbj, or lunch meat sandwich
    meal 3- 1pm- 6-8oz chicken breast, cup of rice or pasta, veggies.
    work out at 2 or 3 depending on when I get home
    Meal 4- post work out-4pm- protien shake, some type of beef and pasta, either spaggeti, or a steak and pasta and veggies or tuna and pasta. Depends on what I decided to cook for the week.
    Meal 5-7pm -Lunch meat sandwich, cottage cheese.
    Meal 6-10pm- same as meal 3.

    This is what I am doing for my bulk, im 190 trying to get to 210. You probably wont need as much but the time periods and types of food should at least give you an idea.

  7. Dont just eat whatever you get your hands on. You need to calculate your calorie intake everyday. At your weight you are probably between 2500 to 2800 maintenance calories. You are going to want to eat about 500 to 800 over your maintenance much more than that you will just get fat. Lift starting out light with high reps you will feel your strength going up and feel like you can do more each workout. Eventually you get to the point where you lift heavy as you can for lower reps, this is good for bulking. Make sure you have a good split set up for your workout. Being a beginner building up your stamina and endurance is key. You will want to give your muscles plenty of rest between workouts.

    Calorie and Protein intake is essential for muscle growth and strength.

    Supplements you will want to get
    N.O. supps
    Fish Oil
    Weight Gainer
    Amino Acids
    These are the esentials for beginners.

    Work hard, stay focused, dont give up, and you will make changes that will last forever. You will feel better, be stronger, and look bigger.

    good luck


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