Would like your thoughts...

  1. Would like your thoughts...

    Hey guys,

    Im new here and but Ive been reading this site for quite some time. Just wanted some opinions from some more experienced athletes...

    Im a baseball player playing at a high level. Im 6'3 and currently weigh 220 with about 10 percent bf. Im wanting to gain about ten pounds before january if at all possible. PH's are and option along with growth horomones. would love your thoughts.

  2. would also like to throw in there where I am strength wise...
    Bench press : 1 max rep 350
    Squat : 495 x 6
    Clean : 315

    I would love to get some more upper body strength without compromising arm speed but that can be difficult!

  3. how old are you? the most beneficial gains u will get will come from right diet/nutrition and training.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    how old are you? the most beneficial gains u will get will come from right diet/nutrition and training.
    Respectively his numbers are pretty high already he is already lifting quite a bit and he is 10% bodyfat so we can probally assume training and nutrition are spot on. If you are experienced enough which your numbers seem to suggest and do your research PH's could be of help your obviously very strong and once you start getting up in high weights like this its hard to keep putting on weight where PH's can come in. But obviously speaking if you want to bulk just add cals and lift hard. I play baseball too and i know you dont want to be huge cause it affects your throwing, so if anything youd want to lean bulk or just get as cut and tone as possible. IF you want to pursue baseball.

  5. I think this will be a tuff one without sacrificeing speed and mobility, especially in 2 months time frame. May i ask as to why you would like to add 10lbs? You appear to be a well seasoned athlete with the #s to show.

  6. What exactly is a "high level" of baseball? At your size I would assume you are out of high school, but are you in college or in a major league farm system? The reason I ask is due to the drug testing issue. If you are subject to random, regular drug testing I would recommend you avoid PH's. Many on the market right now are actual designer steroids and may show up as such on a drug test. Many sports organizations are beginning to try to test for growth hormone as well, so you may need to be careful there as well.
    If you are truly 220 at 10% BF, I'm not sure how much bigger you need to be in the modern drug-tested era of baseball. While some added size may have some benefit, it may not be worth it for someone who is already your size if you risk failing a drug test.

  7. damn i dont know how you throw a ball with any strength like that. I had to quit baseball early in h.s. because my upper body was stronger than my pitching arm. struck out 9 in a row couldnt feel my arm and left the game. every time I pitched. had pitching coaches and everything from upper levels couldnt help. congrats on the squat too thats tough at that height and if its a full squat. tough ****.... ph's are just ot my favorte choice anymore in my opinion theyre more unsafe than steroids. Mainly in the fact that they are new molecular changes of an old drug. at least the good ol fashioned g.h. and steroids have legitimate info on them to make a somewhat informed choice. youre a baseball player, you gotta know by now that hgh is the way to go

  8. Lol your a ****in huge baseball player, and pretty stacked at that... I have like never seen a ripped baseball player no offense. Anyways, I dont even see why your worrying, just continue training, dont worry about weight so much. weight really isnt important unless your doin true bulk and cut cycles. sports like baseball are more about useable mass, so if work your body to peak performance and dont worry about the scale. and yea, nice squat man... haha. is that free weight or machine may I ask?


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