Good stack for Bulking?

  1. Good stack for Bulking?

    What's a good stack for bulking i already purchased m-stak any other suggestions?

  2. Good stack for Bulking?

    Stack steak with eggs and oatmeal.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by eddie5742 View Post
    m-drol is potent and dangerous enough by itself. i wouldn't consider stacking it with anything. but if u were to. id run p-plex for 4 weeks then after ur 4th week id start leaning urself out with m-drol because p-plex is a wet gainer.
    This has got to be some of the more reckless a$$ advice I've seen. OP, M-Drol is super potent and NOT for someone just trying to bulk up. Stay away from ph's until you gain more weight naturally. On my earlier post, I wasn't trying to be funny, if you want to bulk, eat steak, eggs, oatmeal, milk and all that. Count your macros and make sure you are taking in great amounts of protein and carbs.

    Space your meals out so you are never hungry. M-stak will help you make the most out of your calories, but without a solid diet its worthless.

    After you put on a good amount of weight, MAYbE start to look into something that will raise your blood pressure, shrink your nuts, lower your test, give you acne, and smash your liver...phs. Phs are a tool certainly, but not at your weight.

    What is it with people running to phs for bulking?

  4. You guys clearly don't know the difference between m-stak and m-drol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Killerkanadia View Post
    You guys clearly don't know the difference between m-stak and m-drol

    I disagree, read my post again. M-drol is a steroid, nuff said. M-stak is a supp by the Animal line which supposely helps you make the most out of your caloric intake.

  6. I would suggest adding some creatine mono and glutamine in with your M-Stak. Also diet is the real key to bulking success. I used sups for a long time with minimal results, but when I got my diet in check results started coming nicely. Make sure your protein consumption is nice and high while taking M-Stak.


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