got acident while on tren/test, need help

  1. got acident while on tren/test, need help

    wht up, im currently on testosterone 250 and trenbolone, is a 10 week cycle, im on my 3rd week but i got an injury in my right knuckles that are not going to let me work out for at least 5 days, should i keep doing the shoots, or should i stop while on recover for the antibiotics that im taking? or just whait a couple days, do legs and cardio till i can use my hands? please if someone had this same problem let me know whats best

  2. i would start on PCT now and do what u can training wise then start on your cycle when u are healthy. thats just my opinion
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  3. Depending on how bad your hand is injured you may not have to quit the cycle. You are only in week 3 so it would not be a huge loss to stop it, but I know if I were 3 weeks in
    I would not want to bail since the gains would be just starting to come on.

    Like you mentioned you could focus on legs/cardio/abs for the time being, but are you still able to do press exercises? If it is just your knuckles you could probably still get some shoulders and chest in.

    Also, pick up a pair of straps if you don't have any as this will take a lot of the strain off of your grip and help you get back to arms and back more quickly. If this works out and its only a week or so off from your pull exercises then I would stick with the cycle.

    Good luck bro

  4. If you hurt some muscle, id say keep going itll heal quick. But if you hurt some ligament or tendon tissue, id say stop, tren and test I believe should shut down your ability to make new cartilage and the increase in strength would weaken your tendons because they dont grow proportionally to your muscle increase when your in supra-physiological states.

  5. WTF CMON really? he said he will be inured for only 5 days? dude take 2 days of do legs two days off and boooom that's 5 days. does not take a scientist
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  6. oh, i didnt see the part where it said only 5 days. stay on the cycle man
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  7. yah dude lmao i thought u broke ur leg even then i would continue cycle anything upper body then i would stop
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