Not bulking and not cutting; what is it???

  1. Not bulking and not cutting; what is it???

    2 months ago, I started going to the Gym again after an 8 month absence due to illness in which I gained (incredibly!) 55 pounds!!! (From a strong 175 to a flabby 230).

    Anyway, I am neither bulking nor cutting. I am eating exactly the same amount of food I had been eating during the weight gaining period, but have been going to the Gym 4 days a week and started playing basketball on Saturdays.

    Since then, I have lost 5 pounds but all my measurements are bigger (arms, legs, back, etc), except for 1 inch less on my waist.

    What do you call this, if I am neither cutting nor bulking, but have lost bf while gaining muscle (something most people swear can't be done)?

  2. recomp - replacing fat with muscle.

  3. ive done it before, heck im doing it now lol its called recomp.
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  4. Recomp bro. I'm always recomping.

  5. Body recomposition. Pretty sure im doing this amazing thing also.





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