First cycle Hdrol need diet help.

  1. First cycle Hdrol need diet help.

    ok who can give me a good diet to bulk up on my first cycle but not gain to much fat. a little about myself i can gain weight very easy and fat at that which sucks. but i can gain on 3200 calories. Can someone nail down a good diet not using tuna or cottage cheese and wont break the bank. I am 182lbs @13-14% fat at the end of my cycle i would liek to be [email protected]% heres my idea so far.

    Please idea so i can get the most outta my cycle been training for 3 years but diet just started about 8 months ago seriously. I am 22 years old

  2. neone?

  3. H-drol has a nice recomp effect to it, so sounds like your goals are pretty realistic if you eat right and train hard.

    There are a ton of diet examples on here. Look at them and post what you think will be good for you and we'll critique. You can expect someone else to do all the work for you, that's why you haven't gotten any responses.

  4. here is what i was talking bout.

    breakfast- cup of oatmeal with protein shake

    snack. some beef jerkey

    lunch- 6oz lunchmeat on whole wheat or subway sweet onion chicken terriaki (only 8 grams fat.)

    snack natty pb sandwhich condsidering some fluff.


    protein shake

    dinner chicken or beef with rice n green veggies

    before bed casien shake

  5. You need to run the macros on that to see how many cals, protein, carbs and fat you're getting. It looks like you need to add to that though. I know you want to basically recomp and not bulk, but this is what I'd do:

    meal1 - protein shake (2 scoops) w/ 1 cup oats & 2tbsp natty pb

    meal 2 - 3 eggs plus 4 extra egg whites, green pepper or broccoli or celery or other green veg

    meal 3 - 8oz chicken breast, 1 cup brown rice, 1 cup green veg

    meal 4 - yours is fine. Don't add fluff - terrible for you. (same goes for jellies)

    Post wo - yours is fine (2 scoops)

    meal 5 - 8oz steak, 1 cup green veg (not peas)

    meal 6 - casein shake (2 scoops)

    This example is still only roughly 3200 cals and 300g protein so you might/probably want to add a little to this. MAKE SURE you're running the macros so you know if you're getting enough or too much food based on how your body reacts so you can make adjustments as you go. Food is a big part of a h-drol cycle and people gain as much as 20 lbs of lean mass, so if you do this right you can gain big. spend some time looking at some other diets and you'll get an idea of things you can switch in and out of your diet.

  6. thanks alot. really big help

  7. Im looking to try HDrol. Is there anything I can do to prep before taking it?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by freepaystheso View Post
    Im looking to try HDrol. Is there anything I can do to prep before taking it?
    Have everything you need on hand. That means during cycle and pct. Also preload support supplements like milk thistle for a few weeks before. I am using anabolic innovations premade powder. Tastes gross but has a lot of goodies in it. I am probably missing some stuff, but it's not that harsh of a PH so just get the typical protection for PH's and have your PCT lined up.

  9. please dont ruin my thread. lol this is bout eating wht during hdrol

  10. neone else?

  11. I have been asking the same question and not really got anything either and I just started my cycle today. I thought I would let you know what i was thinking though. So ok if on a diet you want to weigh X amount you intake that many calories a day until you hit that point right? So if your gaining new muscle with un natural subs. then you would have to eat more to keep up with your gains. So if you want to lose BF and gain at the same time it would be a matter of what you were eating. I have determined that you will need a bit more carbs to deal with lathargy and to help with strength so eat frequently eat healthy and clean as possible and stay out of the drive through until your body says hey I need huge fat calories.I am no expert I have figured how to lose and gain fat it's the in-between I have trouble with. Listen to your body and you will know I would think...


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