dice404: gettin back into it

  1. dice404: gettin back into it

    Ok, so this past semester has been incredibly busy and I haven't been to the gym or eaten ANYWHERE near the number of calories I need since the beginning of August. I have lost a lot of muscle mass and am trying to get a routine together to start back up. I put together a bulking diet and a routine and would really appreciate some help in tweaking it.


    This is a lower calorie version of what I used to bulk last winter.

    1240cals protein 310g protien
    1240cals carbs 310g carbs
    520cals fat 57.7g fat

    Chicken: 6g protein per oz

    Breakfast: 76g carbs, 66g protein, 16g fat

    5 egg whites: 24gp
    3 yolks: 15g fat
    1.5 cup of Milk: 12g protein, 19g carbs
    1.5 cup Kashi cereal: 13.5g protein, 55.5g carbs
    .5 scoop whey: 8g protien

    Fish oil: 1g fat

    Shake: 37g protein, 27g carbs (oatmeal and whey)

    Lunch: 76g carbs, 66g protein, 16g fat

    1 cup milk: 8g protein, 13g carbs
    8oz chicken: 48g protein
    3 oz pasta: 10.5g protein, 61.5g carbs

    Fish oil: 1 g fat

    Shake: 37g protein, 27g carbs

    Dinner: 76g carbs, 66g protein 16g fat

    1 cup milk: 8g protein, 13g carbs
    8oz chicken: 48g protein
    3 oz pasta: 10.5g protein, 61.5g carbs

    EDIT: the reason for all of the shakes is:
    1) easy way to get extra cals, sometimes its too hard for me to fit down more solid food.
    2)It's hard for me to find the time to prepare more solid food between the other meals

    I've always responded well to high volume, but with so much time off I'm sure that my past routines will be too intense. The first sets are 12 reps, second set 10 reps, third 8, fourth 6. All sets done to failure. Here's what I used to do; I'm not sure what I should do to cut back on volume.

    Monday: back and shoulders

    4 sets dumbell shoulder press
    4 sets rear delt flies (weak point)
    4 sets upright rows
    4 sets front delt raises (weak point)

    4 sets dead lifts
    4 sets lat pull downs
    4 sets seated rows
    4 sets t-bar tows

    Tuesday: OFF

    Wednesday: legs

    4 sets squats
    4 sets leg extensions
    4 sets hamstring curls
    4 sets seated calf raises
    4 sets standing calf raises

    Thursday: OFF

    Friday: Chest, biceps, and triceps

    4 sets incline dumbell press
    4 sets flat dumbell press
    4 sets cable flies
    4 sets dips

    4 sets barbell curls
    4 sets incline curls
    4 sets cable preacher curls

    4 sets triceps press
    4 sets skull crushers

    Saturday: OFF
    Sunday: OFF

    I almost positive that this will be severe over-training if I jump back into this. I'm not sure what I should do to cut back on volume.

    Also, what can I do to add a little variety to my lunch and dinner? I've played around with different seasonings in the past, but I really don't want to get burnt out on eating the same stuff.

    I also have a bunch of supps on hand from the previous year. I think I'm just going to stick with some basic creatine and probably anabolic pump because that stuff is awesome. I have some prime, but I think I'm gonna hold off until I get past those muscle memory gains.

    So what do you guys think?

  2. come on guys, nothing?

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