Supplement Stack Help

  1. Supplement Stack Help

    Hey guys I have been working out for almost 7 months and was wondering what the best stack of supplements would be to gain around 10 - 15 lbs of lean muscle. I am currently 5`9 170 lbs and am taking N.O Shotgun, Cell Tech Hardcore, Whey Protien, Nitrix Oxide pills and consuming 3000 cals a day

    Can anyone help me out, Thanks

  2. Bro just keep eating and don't worry about supplements. Supplements dont make you huge, eating tons of good clean food makes you huge. that stack looks good but add in a good multi like animal pak or opti-men and a digestive enzyme (helps a lot). Just keep eating and lifting heavy and youll put on some mass even without any supplement.

  3. Thanks man I appreciate your response

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigEasy87 View Post
    Thanks man I appreciate your response
    No problem man. anytime you have any questions just post em up and people will be more than happy to answer them to help you improving your body.

  5. Ya man just eat eat and eat you can add a mass gainer, ive used up your mass the chocolate flavor taste real good only gained a few ibs though, or you can get a casein protein to take before bed so its a slow relesase for you man

  6. eat eat eat.Make sure your diet is clean as possible eat alot of good quality complex carbs. Carbs are the only way you will grow you can eat protein all day but if your carbs arent high forget about size. Dont get me wrong tho you should still eat alot of protein. I you want to throw in a weightgainer cytogainer is very good because of the low sugar and high complex carbs. Hope this helps good luck bro

  7. Not using Muscle-Tech products is a good improvement also.

  8. I have been lifting for about four years. I am stacking Anavol, H-drol, Animal Pak, 6-oxo and lots of WATER!!! But I was just wanting to know if anyone had a bulking diet that is sorta easy to put together....Im 5'7 180, I would like to be around 195 or even 200. My schedual has became very busy and I have found it more and more dificult to prepare meals. I need something easy and fast. Any help would be great!

  9. Check out Black Hole by Controlled Labs. It's an appetite enhancer!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Check out Black Hole by Controlled Labs. It's an appetite enhancer!

    I really want to try black hole! I'll have some money soon and it's on!

  11. If taking supplements are a must for bulking. Then I highly recommend using Animal m-stak, with some creatine. I recommend Beverly International Creatine plus Phosphates but thats just me. I work in a pizza restaurant so eating healthy is difficult when I'm working 13 hours a day but a few of us have put together a wrap we all enjoy for bulking. It's 2 pieces of grilled chicken, with a meatball and a half sliced in halfs with some marinara and american cheese. It provides better carbs with protein and it tastes great.

  12. yeah MuscleTech is CRAP

  13. Quote Originally Posted by planetfuzz View Post
    Not using Muscle-Tech products is a good improvement also.

    get on a good growth phase diet and begin incorporating more compund lifting into your training routine. BE sure to also get on a good multi, and take into account your daily water intake!! (should be high) As far as supplements go, all you need is a low cost protien and waxy maize, w/ some cheap bcaas and creatine imo. Goodluck w/ your gaols!


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