Carbing up?

  1. Carbing up?

    Whats do you guys recommend? I have weigh-ins friday at 6:30, then prejudging is at 11 the following day. High glycemic or low glycemic or both? Which to use first? How many carbs? What do you guys think? Thanks!

  2. I mainly used Apple Cinnamon flavored rice cakes with various types of full-sugar jelly on top for the majority. A little oatmeal the morning of weigh-in and a baked potatoe after with rice cakes and jelly in between. The morning of, I went to Ihop and had four buttermilk pancakes with blueberries, whipped cream, and LOTS of syrup but nothing to drink. The rest of the day of the show, I used rice cakes with jelly, frozen peaches, a baked potatoe after prejudging, and some peanut m&m's before going onstage at the night show while keeping water to as close to zero as possible. The day of, I didn't eat a specific amount of carbs, I just ate them when I felt like I could be fuller. Overall, for my carb up I just stuck with rice cakes and jelly since I had been using rice cakes successfully in my diet prior to that and knew how my body reacted to them. I'm not sure if this helps any but Good Luck with your show!

  3. OK. I will likely carb up after weigh-ins friday night with some oatmeal, honey, and bananas...a serving of each should give me around 75 carbs. I will then eat when I feel I need. A few hours before prejudging I will eat a junk meal kinda like you did to feel me out as much as I can! I cant wait. 50 grams of carbs a day isnt quite as fun as four pancakes with

  4. i do rice cakes as well except i use the plain kind. from previous experience, sweet potatoes are great for filling out muscles and i use them til i need to cut water. whatever carb source you use, watch the sodium content and keep it as close to zero as possible. brown rice, plain oats, and sweet potatoes all have little or no sodium. if you are concerned with the amount of water in these sources, then use dry carb sources such as rice cakes, the salt free kind.

  5. I forgot to mention that, but yes, the rice cakes I used were sodium free as well, as was the jelly. Good call WBH!

  6. yeah, i plan on watching the sodium and water intake. how hard is it to eat dry carbs and not drink water?

  7. I didn't have a problem eating without drinking water, but the entire water depletion process was pretty rough. I went from 3 gallons to 1 gallon to half a gallon to 25 ounces to none on the day of, only sips if absolutely necessary to get food down. On the day of the show, I used frozen peach slices like ice cubes and let them melt in my mouth before eating them. It really helped with the dryness for me.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by wrestler119 View Post
    yeah, i plan on watching the sodium and water intake. how hard is it to eat dry carbs and not drink water?
    at this point, im so happy that i can eat more food, carbs in particular, that the water issue doesnt concern me. also, make sure to use distilled water when cutting it. i drink, cook, and brush my teeth with distilled water during the final days. this type of water is free of the natural minerals found in water. sodium being one of them.


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