Advice for First Contest!!

  1. Advice for First Contest!!

    So I have decided to do a contest it will be a natural show!!

    My current stats:
    5'8 ~180lbs
    11-12% BF

    I posted pics that show just about every major muscle group so I know where to improve.

    My goals are to attain a balanced symmetry, whilst adding size, then about 12-14 weeks out of the show I will start dieting. My goal would be to be on stage 165-170lbs @ 4%!!

    Please do comment on where I need to improve!

    Also as a note: Those pictures were taken "un-pumped" Also I am currently supplementing CEE which might be the reason for my smooth apearance.

    As far as using anything questionable, I did start a Methyltren/TST which I ended after a week cause the headaches and lethargy were too much for me.

    Right now I am 7 months from the show, so plenty of time to imrpove.

  2. there ya go pics.

    I would greatly appreciate any and all coments, I will take it all as constructive criticism!
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  3. B-fast (like 930am)
    8 whole eggs; 8 whites,2 whole
    ~1/4 cup cooked oats (inwater, with cinnamon)

    Lunch (1230-1pm)
    3 medium turkey burgers (forman-ized)
    medium sweet potato (so good)

    Protein shake
    Powerhouse bagel with F/F cream cheese

    During - I sipp on a BCAA/Luecine drink (lemon flavored goodness)

    Post-workout (round 530)
    Very big chicken breast (cooked on the grill pan w/a rub I recommend Mrs. Dash grilling blends )
    1 cup of brown rice w/ black beans

    Dinner (class until 745 so dinner is 830)
    chicken breast
    Steamed mixed veggies
    brown rice and beans

    Before bed (1230-1ish)
    Shake w/flax

    This was today. It really doesnt change, I try and keep it constant, other than substituing my protein sources.

    I did legs today so I ate carbs at night.

    On off days I will do cardio, and cut heavy carb intake after 6 or 7pm.

    I have decided to minimize my alcohol intake, in hopes of making the best gains possible. Maybe a beer on sundays during football.

    I usually make food in pretty big amounts, bc of clinicals, and or my work study I am out of the house for sometime 8+hours at a time. So I'll cook 1lb of turkey chili, with brown rice and beans mixed in, and snack on that through out the day as I really dont get a certain time to eat during clinicals.

  4. My split looks like:

    day1: Chest/Tris
    day2: Legs/calves
    day3: rest
    day4: shoulder/abs
    day6: rest
    day7: repeat or maybe another days rest depending on how I feel.

    Incline DB 4sets
    Flat bench DB 4sets
    Decline DB 4sets
    Pec Dec 4sets

    Pressdowns 3sets
    close-grip BP 4sets
    Ovrhead DB ext 3sets
    DB Kickback 3sets

    BB squat 4sets
    Leg Ext 4sets
    Leg Curl 4sets
    Leg press 4sets
    Hack Squat 3sets

    Seated calf raise 4sets (20reps)
    Standing calf raise 4sets (20 reps)

    Ovr head BB press 4 sets
    DB shoulder press 4 sets
    Wide-grip upright row 4sets
    bent-ovr lat. raise 4 sets
    DB lat raise 4sets

    Straight arm Pulldown 4sets
    Bent-ovr row 4sets
    T-bar row 3sets
    BB shrug 4sets
    Lat pulldown 3 sets

    BB curl 4sets
    DB preacher curl 4sets
    Hammer curl 4sets
    reverse curl 3sets

    Most sets are kept in the 6-10rep range.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong but you ran a TST/TRN log on here right?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Correct me if I am wrong but you ran a TST/TRN log on here right?

    Yeah, It lasted all of 10 days. My BP was through the roof, and the headaches and lethargy made me drop it.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by anabolicandre
    Yeah, It lasted all of 10 days. My BP was through the roof, and the headaches and lethargy made me drop it.
    But you had also done a cycle previous to that correct? Not judging, just to me natural is natural. Not natural at the moment. Whatever you decide to do good luck!

  8. I had done a cycle back when I had turned eighteen, it was halfassed 6wk test/eq cycle.

    I have talked to guys who natural comps and apparently they give out polygraphs and make you take em til you pass the one guy who I spoke to claimed he took it 5 times before they let him compete, he wasnt natural, yet he still competed. But they do however test the 1st place winner regardless, which even If I were to get first place there would be nothing for them to detect. I havent touched a prohormone/steroid since april.

  9. Which show are you planning on doing? I'm guessing its an NPC show?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22
    Which show are you planning on doing? I'm guessing its an NPC show?
    Possib NPC Colligiates.

    Im gonna hit it hard If by april I feel Im good and ready to cut for the show in July, Ill do it for sure!


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