Should I Continue To Prep?

  1. Should I Continue To Prep?

    Around December of last year I decided that I would want to compete naturally in bodybuilding sometime in the near future. I was powerlifting at the time so I had to lose a lot of weight and I have spent the last year trying to learn my body when it comes to dieting down. I told myself I would compete in August but I couldn't afford it and I couldn't figure out how to diet down properly still. There are no more competitions coming up around me anytime soon and I still am not completely show ready, probably two months out. Should I continue to diet down or just stop torturing myself with a diet for a bit until I find the right competition? Mentally I feel like I need a break but I also feel like I'd be letting myself down since I never reached my goal.

  2. Just do it next year. Save up some money so you have it held back for when the competition comes around. Pick a show that is best for your location, and date , stick to it. As for now, yes , I wouldn't keep dieting if you're two months away. I would stay in the condition you are at, and add a bit of food in. If your stomach is become a bit too much when you look in the mirror, cut back on calories. That said, this will give you a break , and its a good challange for you to stay lean so next time you diet down you wont have to suffer as much

  3. I’m an old fart but my first time out I picked a mock contest date to run the the learning experience of dieting for a show. JMO but you’ll do much better after the practice run from diet to drying out.

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