2nd cycle

  1. 2nd cycle

    What should I run to get shredded

  2. First forum post. Sorry I screwed it up. I ran test E 250 for 10 weeks. Thinking about running tren?? Not deca??

  3. Tren is the best compound overall but why would you go for tren on second cycle . You know how the bodybuilders eat more? Well they are bigger. They take more steroids and stronger , why? Because they've reached a limit you haven't. You're not gonna get a huge difference in results by adding more because your body just won't respond to it. If that was the case everyone would go for the strongest always. You should look in to test , primo, eq, winstrol.slow steady gains , easy to keep and except winstrol not much sides. If you go for tren you're likely gonna get decent results but you're gonna run it shorter, you're gonna have a harder time recover, you're might feel like **** (out of breath) (sweating at night etc) . Steroids aren't miracle pills and you should be very far in your gains to even consider that. Less steroids is almost always more due to recovery. Why add more but loose more while hurting more? People swear by masteron but It doesn't do anything if you're not already low in body fat so for the average person winstrol is far better.

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