Lower carbs?

  1. Lower carbs?

    5 weeks out

    187 lbs
    Current macros :
    Carbs 110
    Fats 20
    Protein 290
    Cardio 7 days a week 45 min ( some days another pm cardio walk for 40-45 min)
    Weght training 6 days a week

    2nd week of
    Test prop 100mg + masteron 100mg eod
    Clen 80 everyday.

    The weght stopped dropping, should i decrease more carbs and add fats? Or should i do a refeed?

  2. Not enough info here.
    (1780 total cals at 187lbs)
    Bodyfat %, weight tells us not much.
    Pics, again weight tells us 0.
    How long on Clen at that amount.
    And are you trying to make a weight class, height etc.
    What type of diet are you running (I see low carb)

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