First show prep

  1. First show prep

    I was wondering if it's necessary to stop taking creatine during a show prep (cut - 8 to 10 weeks)?

  2. I took it all through my prep and show
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  3. I know couple of buddies here take it all the way either.

  4. I personally have people drop it two weeks out. Makes it easier for me to dial someone in, especially since I manipulate macros, water, sodium & potassium, etc. If you're not doing anything but a bit of water and Carb manipulation then I don't see it being to great of an issues, I've just had time to workout my protocol so it's best I don't have to deal with it...

  5. I'm a woman & have to drop whey & creatine 6 weeks out.

  6. Usually should drop your creatine for overall conditioning. However , the amount from red meat and your pre workout shouldn't effect you like youd think.


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