I've been looking over the bodybuilding posts and wanted to comment but, felt I should introduce myself first.

My name is Carl, everyone just calls me "CJ". I've been involved with sports, fitness and bodybuilding now for 26years. It's been the source of my passion, pain, frustrations, success and income as well. I've been everything from a collegiate wrestler, bodybuilding competitor, athletic & personal trainer, gym owner, coach (sports, fitness, bodybuilding & lifestyle). We work with amateurs to Pros. Educationally I hold a Masters in Physical education/Coaching (CSCS) & a nutritional certification.

I currently co-own Team (MindandMuscle.com) & coach it's athletes, affectionately named as the Juggernauts.

Feel free to ask questions, I have years of experience and application. I'm here to help, share and engage in productive discussions. If I can't answer your questions I'll direct you to someone that can.

Our current protocols:
•Workouts are progressive load for (6-8weeks, can vary amongst individuals) followed by de-load for (2-3 weeks, again this varies). We use multi-angle approach per body part with control/progressive (load/volume/frequency). I've adapted/use (a form of FST-7 at the end of each body part).

•Diets are a Carb Backloading modified protocol for the most part in the offseason. During prep we continue the Carb Backloading combined with Carb cycling.

More Info/pics/etc can be found on:

• m.facebook.com/cjacks12
•Team Juggernaut
•Mind and Muscle (Official)