When to cut

  1. When to cut

    So I'm going to start competing soon and currently I am bulking and about 14% bf. My question is : if I am going to prep for a show in September , how early do I need to start cutting with the help of aas and hgh?
    Currently I am 6'2 250lbs. I'd like to bulk as long as possible, and put on as much weight as I can before cutting, but I want to make sure I have enough time. My diet consists of above maintence home cooked whole foods, high in protein and carbs and 3 cheat meals a week.
    Second question: how much body fat % is too much that it would be impossible to get rid of in the typical 3-4 months of cutting with aas?

  2. I would say give yourself ATLEAST 12-14 weeks no matter what, many factors here could change such as your diet while cutting or the use of fat burners such as DNP or CLEN which would make a difference and help, you could plan a long 20 week cycle before the contest changing compounds at start mid and finish of the cycle for u goals.
    For the body fat it also depends on your body but 15 weeks out make sure ur under 20% no matter what would be the safe way.

    All of what i said is playing it safe with the least amount of risk,there are much more extreme measures which could yield better results.

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