Men's Physique in November. Multiple questions

  1. Men's Physique in November. Multiple questions

    Hey guys. At the young age of 38(a few weeks from 39), I'll be competing in my first NPC competition.
    I'm 6'3~mid 230s, body fat under 13%...
    I am doing this without a trainer..

    I have done a lot of research for precontest and I feel the protocols are pretty similar on water manipulation, drugs, cardio, training, and nutrition. But there's several different schools of thought on diuretics and carb loading....

    I'll have 16 weeks like most do.

    Sodium will be manipulated more aggressively the last month but I'll be keeping it lowish throughout...
    Diet will be a very very subtle carb depletion... Water seems straightforward the last 7 days.. Cardio will be what I burn at work plus alternating HIIT and some LISS...

    Cycle will be straightforward: Test/tren/Winnie/mast and some Letro... Maybe some clen/t3 and green tea... No GH... Anadrol near contest time to pull water into muscle...

    I do have pharm grade Lasix... I will be diligent with water and sodium and may just use Dandelion. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this... I'd like to get some input from anyone that has competed and has some good info... always appreciated - - - - Matthersby

  2. Bump for the day crew?

  3. seems like alot of compounds in the fire at once, generally first time competitors do good with 2 short ester compounds plus 1 oral like anavar (my opinion very underated in men) i understand the usage of anadrol close to the show to help expand the muscle by transporting some remaining water into them prior to a contest thats fine if you 100% need that, but what ive noticed is aslong as you are lean on stage and your posing is good size isnt a huge factor in who wins, its usually the wirey guy that looks inside out even on physique stage. anyway subbed*
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