Pre Contest Cycle

  1. Pre Contest Cycle

    Hey everyone,

    In April I will be competing in two competitions one week apart, as well as one in June. I'm currently a little less than 12 weeks out and I was going to hop on a cycle to lean out a little more and get a more chiseled, symmetrical look.

    I've taken one Cycle before if Sust 250mg 10 weeks and dbol 25mg 4 weeks.

    Here's what I believe to be a good Cycle:

    Weeks 1-10: Sust 300mg (3 way split weekly dose 100mg due to combination of short and long esters)

    Weeks 1-8: Winny 30mg (I was told to go up to 50mg but am unsure)

    Weeks 1-10: Exemstane 12.5 EOD (also unsure of this dose)

    Weeks 11-14: Nolva 40/40/20/20

    My stats are:
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 175lbs
    BF: 12%
    Training for 5 consecutive years

    Now I know this isn't the perfect cycle, which is why I came to make this topic. Please critique and correct my cycle to the best of your knowledge. I will respectfully ask however that if my cycle isn't the best, please tell me so while giving me an alternative cycle specific to what I'm looking for.

    Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate any feedback!

  2. So, winni and sust are your only two drugs? You don't even need aromasin then..
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. Changed up my cycle actually, it's Test Prop 100mg ED and Inj Winny 25mg ED along with two weeks on two weeks off of Clen. Aromasin was recommended to me due to the shut down of test that occurs with winny and the ED injection of test. Was this not a good recommendation?
  4. Pre Contest Cycle

    There's 1000's of threads on precontest cycles and very specific dosages so I'm curious if you've read just a few of them. Prop and Winnie along with an AI are in most of them so you're moving in the right direction... Sust would have been a terrible choice... Most UGLs make a shredblend with tren ace mast prop and test prop. Oral Winnie along with that and you're good to go. What's most difficult is water and sodium manipulation, and timing your carb loading but if you don't have this down, drugs won't matter

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