11 Month Contest Prep after 3 years off

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  1. 11 Month Contest Prep after 3 years off

    I had to take a few years off to get my life settled down. I'm a bit older and more finically secure now. I'm also a lot less stressed and I'm actually feeling a passion for the sport again. At my biggest I was 280lbs with abs and dieted I was 230 on stage totally peeled. I currently sit around 240lbs with slight abs(assuming 13-15%). I would like to get back on stage in 11 months at over 230lbs. I've been off of gear for over 3 years now and have been training much very little over those 3 years. Things are about to get wild! I will post up my planned cycle and maybe even some of my training routine shortly. I have a lot of experience with AAS, growth, slin, pretty much every type of supplement and high volume/high intensity training so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

  2. I'm in.
    Good luck. And Mary Xmas

  3. Heck yea I'm in. Get those pics up man.
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  4. Oooohhh this looks fun. Hope you really keep it updated op!
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  5. Well fellas I'm just over 11 months out. I'm taking quite some time to get my muscles back into the shape they need to be in just to complete a training session. My volume in my past was insane and I'm going to need to get my joints and connective tissues use to all the movement and stress before I start gearing up. Will be starting low dose sero or a moderate dose generic gh in the next 30days. Going to pin 400mg a week test until the gh starts, then will likely up the test to 700, then 1000 then 1200 over the next few months. I have my gear figured out pretty well so it's just a matter of getting all the dots to connect and straighten out the daily routine at this point.

  6. Well it has begun... I'm down to about 230lbs around 10-11%. The gh starts this week and the test dose is getting bumped up. Next week I will likely add in a low dose of NPP and tren, around 400mg of each. I find that with hgh, using multiple compounds is much more effective.

    700mg test
    3-4iu hgh a day(3 off days, 4 training days)

  7. you taking and before/after pics? probably going to be a great transformation. if not to post, i'd at least do them for personal record

  8. Not to post publicly but I am for my own record.

  9. Hope to see some pics from the stage with a big trophy.

  10. Just waiting for the NPP and Tren to be ready. Upping the test to 1050mg/week(300mg/ml 1cc EOD) and adding in tren at 525mg/week (100mg/ml 1.5cc EOD) and npp at 350mg/week (100mg/ml 1cc eod). I will switch the dosing around as needed depending on side effects and how I feel after trying the NPP. and Tren together.

  11. I hope you have caber, you might need it.

  12. I do use caber and an ai throughout my cycles as needed.

    Still running 700mg test a week and 3iu gh a day. After about a week of 4iu a day I felt it in my hands so I'm staying steady at 3iu for another few weeks.

  13. So far my results, with the test really just starting to kick in...
    Went from 228lbs at around 12% to 236lbs around 9%.

    Diet has been on point. Slowly ramping up carbs as I grow. Currently eating approximately 325-350g protein, 250-300g carbs, and minimal fats (all fats coming from steak and eggs). Would like to up the carbs to the 400-450 range over the next 3 weeks once I start tren. Then hopefully into the 550-600 range within the next 2 months as I grow and my body can use more fuel without gaining fat.

    Tren and NPP should be here in the next 10 days!!

    4 week results:
    -3% bodyfat

    Goals for the next 6 weeks are:
    -1% bodyfat

  14. SUB!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by BEAST73 View Post
    Nice to have you!

    Btw guys, I do have a lot of experience. I've won NPC shows, nationally ranked in strong man, 1800+ power lifting total... if anyone has questions, ask away!

  16. I have a question. Can you post some videos of your lifts or something? It sounds like you have some very impressive stats. Would love to see some.
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by blueline438 View Post
    I have a question. Can you post some videos of your lifts or something? It sounds like you have some very impressive stats. Would love to see some.
    I'll pm you my YouTube channel. I prefer to remain anonymous on here for legal reasons.

  18. You're more than welcome to pm me too.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Johan71 View Post
    You're more than welcome to pm me too.

  20. Well, I'm leaning up well. Grabbed some cheat meals with my best friend, who is becoming one of the bigger names in prep coaching in my region. He believes I should do another show in the fall(NPC mid Atlantic Grand Prix) or spring (NPC Pittsburgh) and then a national level show next year. I'm thinking about maybe getting back into things full swing soon and seeing where it takes me. I'm in a mixed mindset right now whether I should absolutely freak out(slin, high dose hgh, igf, orals, lots of tren) or if I should keep taking things slow. I'll be sure to update as I change things up or add things into my cycle. Keep on crushing it fellas!

  21. Thanks, nice pics and a real impressive physic.
    Hope you'll achieve your goals for the upcoming events.
    Looking forward to hear about your progress.
    Good luck.


  22. Noticeable strength and mass gains this week. Test must be fully kicked in!! 243lbs lean!

  23. How much tren? Still 525mg/week?

  24. Haven't started anything but the test and hgh at this point. The Tren and NPP should be to me Tuesday or Wednesday, at which point I will start at 525 (150eod). After 6-8 weeks on the 19-nors I will probably cut the dose back and throw in an oral to keep the weight coming.

  25. Anyone have any experience or could anyone send me a link to any good info on syntholing calves? Terrible genetics for my calves always makes me mad wearing shorts. Yes I know synthol is "bad" and "fake" or whatever but it worked out well when I had to even out my biceps after a slight tear in my left had then over 1.5" different on size. Just need some info not asking for anything negative.


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