11 Month Contest Prep after 3 years off

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    Look at PM
    Nothing... might have been full. Just cleared it out

  3. Strength is up a bunch this week. Test is definitely kicked in. Weight is still in the 245-250 range.

  4. 251 today. Maintain low bodyfat. Vascularity is absolutely insane. Currently running about 1g test. Giving it another week or two before my weight levels out then the NPP and tren are going to be added in. I am going to do 700 NPP and 350 trenfor the first 6 weeks then switch to 700 tren and 350 NPP per week for 6 weeks. So basically 12 weeks of NPP and tren. Probably going to throw anadrol and/or dbol in at the end. Hopefully I'll be up to 275 in the next few months.

    I'm going to up my hgh from 3iu to 6iu per day(3iu twice a day). I typically do not eat carbs within 2 hours of taking hgh. I wake up, take 30g isolate protein, bang the hgh, wait an hour, eat 9 egg whites and 3 whole eggs. Wait an hour. Eat a meal that is about 30protein and 100 carbs.. I then eat 35-50protein and 60-80 carbs every 2 hours.

    When I bang the 2nd 3iu pin? Also, do carbs really mess up the release of hgh?

  5. Fellas I'm going to share with you all a bit of my training this weekend when I get some time to type it all up. If anyone needs ideas for training programs be sure to check back this weekend.

    I'm back up to pretty much where I was after I did my first show(215 stage weight). I packed on 10-15lbs of stage weight in about 6 months between my shows. Seeing as how I've been off for so long I don't see any problem putting on another 25lbs of pure muscle before I start cutting. I'd like to be about 240 on stage. Will either compete late late this year or in the spring, depending on how things go the next few months. There's no way I'm going to compete until I know I will take the overall at a pretty big show.

  6. Here's what I did last week:
    Bench, incline bench, cable flies, skull crushers, cable push downs, 1 arm extensions-4 sets of 12
    dumbbell flies 8sets of 12

    All workouts this week were 4x12 dynamic training, about 30 working sets per workout.

  7. I figured I'd share normal daily Intake lot...
    Meal 1: 10am-Isolate shake
    Meal 2:1130am- 10 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, 3 cups cereal
    Meals 3-7: 1,3,5,7,9pm- 6-8oz chicken, 1 cup rice
    Pre workout: 11:15pm- isolate shake
    Intra workout: 1130pm- 50g Gatorade, bcaas, aminos
    Post workout: 1245am- isolate shake
    Post workout 2: 1:00am - 100gcarbs, 50g protein mass gainer
    Last Meal: eggs, chicken, or beef

  8. Weight is about 240. Bodyfat can't be any higher than 6-8%. I'm really really lean. I look how I looked about a month out, except about 15-20lbs smaller. I need to stay this lean and get to about 265, then I would be ready for another big NPC show...

    Still haven't added tren or NPP, simply because I feel I'm doing well without it. Well unfortunately I don't think I'm going to stay this lean while trying to bulk unless I up the gh and add in some tren. So this upcoming Sunday I'm going to add 300tren and 600npp and up the gh to 4.5iu on off days, 6iu on training days.


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