Peptide help!!

  1. Peptide help!!

    have used ghrp in the past, but now I am looking for which peptides to use for fat loss. I am clueless.

    I need to know which are the best for fat loss, how many weeks our from a show I should run them, how much I need to buy, how long each vial would last, if anyone can help me would be great. I have never taken any gear I want to try peptides out to try to assist with fat loss. Thank you

  2. HGH frag would probably be beneficial to your goals here. It's the fat burning segment of HGH without all the other effects and side effects that come with GH.
    You could also run some IGF-1 LR3, which would help with retaining muscle while you're cutting and even eventually getting bigger.
    CJC-1295 W/DAC would be helpful in that it will cause your body to produce more natural GH at all hours of the day.
    You can stack the CJC with a GHRP, probably ipamorelin which has the least side effects like cortisol or appetite increase, both things you don't want while prepping.

    Have you done any research on this? Looked up common dosages or anything? I'd say do some research and come back with what questions you have on what you find.
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