Bikini last week of prep???

  1. Bikini last week of prep???

    So my girlfriend is confused because of the mass amount of conflicting information on how to prep for her bikini contest during the last week.

    In regards to water intake and carb consumption; some say drink water up until the morning prior than stop. Others claim you must continue to drink water through your show to ensure your muscle retain water. And carb loading... If I sit here and tap out all of the different opinions....

    My question follows: assume it is Monday morning and the show is Saturday morning; how should she schedule her water intake and carb intake in order to ensure she is not flat or bloated come pre judging? ( per day please )

  2. Think we are going to need some pics for more info

  3. Id keep salt and even add a little and increase water until Thursday

    Drop salt keep water friday but only normal amounts like you did prior to peak week

    Then Friday night a fatty peoce of meat and a some rice

    Start carb load with a little salt sat morn like 7 am for a 12pm pre judge

    Rice cake honey a little salt and banana for first one

    Then rice cake honey PB and a little chicken 3 hours later

    Hour pre show you can add some Swedish fish and saltines and you should be good to go
    Just small sips water that day Nada crazy tho

  4. Id have to see a pic. But if she looks great, I wouldnt change much or your risking get rid of what doesnt need to be fixed

  5. I appreciate the comments. We are going to update her diet plan. Thanks all!

  6. There is absolutely no need to drop water hard, manipulate electrolytes, or carb load for a bikini contest. Unless she is holding a ton of water for some reason. Just have her drink a lot of water starting ~5 days pre show (like 2 gallons depending on her bodyweight), cut it down to 1/4 about 24 hrs out. No reason to do more that that if she is lean enough. If she's not lean, it's not going to be fixed in a week
    I will become what I deserve

  7. Keep water intake the same and stop salt day of show....


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