10 week prep supplement log

  1. 10 week prep supplement log

    Whats up every one! I am competing in about 10 weeks and really want to bring my best package! I am going to update this every week, this blog will cover all supplement aspects of my prep!
    here is what I will be using:
    Fat Loss
    SCORCHED XD (thermo) 3 pills a day
    Raspberry Ketone 150 mg
    Green Coffee Extract 150mg
    Hoodia Gordonii Extract 150mg
    AMP citrate 50mg
    Garcinia Cambogia

    Maintain Muscle and block estrogen
    OSTA (25mg ed) (Ostarine)
    EPICAT (Myostatin Inhibitor 400mg ed)
    360 PCT (Arimistane 50mg ed)
    Maintenance Supplements
    Fish oils: 2000mg ed
    Clear: Liver health (Tudca and NAC)
    little bit of info on TUDCA, not only is it amazing liver supplement but it also helps reduce stress to a cell's Endoplasmic Reticulum (Helps Protein folding) and reduces insulin resistance.

    Pre Work outs
    Choice: Non-Stim pre work out,
    Taurine 1500mg
    Creatine Nitrate 1000mg
    L Arginine AKG 1000mg
    Beta Alanine 1500mg
    All from gunshowsupplement

  2. Week one

    Ok here is my first review on this stack.
    week one:
    I am noticeably more vascular, strength is going up slowly and recovery is not to bad. At the beginning of this week I started off at 201.4 and took my weight today and was 202.5. To all of you who have competed before, know this is a big thing going in to a show when calories are below maintenance. I think this is largely due to the O.S.T.A and the EPI cat.
    Work outs this week have been good, despite carbs being at 280g Im still full of energy and able to push heavy weights, I actually hit a few new PR's for my self. It really feel like I am running a PH
    The Choice pre work out is some good stuff... awesome that it is a non stim! Over all I am pretty happy.
    More updates to come!

  3. Here for the updates!!!! Good luck!!

  4. what is up every one? so here marks about 2 weeks, and man oh man this is some bad ass stuff weighting 206 at the gym!! im loving this, im still cutting on about 2800 calories a day and man oh manstrength is awesome I do have to specify the Choice pre work out is outstanding stuff this whole stack is deff worth the money as i have gained about 4 pounds or so!! and im sitting at 7-8% body fat!!

  5. Great work!!!

  6. All right i have been away due to a family emergency, how every i was able to stick to my diet and of course the supplements here is a little trans formation for you this is about 3 weeks difference! Currently I am sitting at 203 and much leaner, strength is still going up despite my lower carb intake I am very below maintenance calories and am getting more and more vascular and stronger each day. I was able to try the PEA by them which helps with fat loss and a nutropic that stimulates your CNS. I can tell a huge difference with my morning cardio, im not getting tired and can really push my body during the HIIT sessions.

  7. Nice work.

  8. what show and class are you prepping for? GL


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