8 weeks out-contest prep

  1. 8 weeks out-contest prep

    OK so I am getting ready to do my fourth show as an NPC figure competitor coming up in May. I am 8 weeks out as of this past Saturday. I thought it would be cool to start a thread of the next 8 weeks describing my workouts, meals, mental state etc.. I am hoping to get some feed back from some fellow ladies..however any advice/tips/comments are appreciated.

    Currently I am on a carb cycle 4 low one high i am weighing around 113 ((I started at 120 prior to my cutting phase)) and have been maintaining this weight for about 4 weeks. I am planning to get to a very lean 108/109 for the stage.

    My supplements are pretty basic right now.

    I have lost some strength but surprisingly am still feeling relatively strong. My training currently is a lot of volume 12-15 reps 4 sets, or 15-20 reps 4 sets depending on the muscle group.

    Mentally I feel good I think I am right on track as far what I have expected. I am looking forward to the changes I am going to see in the next few weeks.

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    This was this past Saturday when I was practicing a little posing after my workout. Every Friday/Saturday My sponsor TGB supplements works with me on my poses. I feel really confident about the base poses so now we are just adjusting the details such as finger positions, foot positions, just any other extra ways to emphasize certain muscles, and make my posing that much stronger.

  3. Great job! Your physique looks well balanced. Hard to critique your posing from the angle, but it looks pretty good to me. You have great quads, so as long as you come in lean enough, which you have plenty of time, you should do well. What show are you doing?

  4. Definitely looking good! Good luck with your next 8 weeks! Keep it up!

  5. Thanks @evodrag ..I am doing the Pittsburgh pro. I did it last year ((first so show competed in the open)) and did ok but I'm trying to get at least top 5 this year.

  6. OK so update on my prep. I am less than 7 weeks out I am currently doing a mock one week out. My sponsors at TGB supplements thought it would be a good idea so that we dont have to guess as much as far as how my body will respond to holding water, carb loading, etc...

    Yesterday, I had a goal to drink 2 gallons of water, I only made it to about 1.5 gallons. Any tips on getting this amount of water in? My day begins about 630am till about 930pm. I flavor it with aminos and that helps.

    Today I am drinking the same amount of water, eat <60g of carbs with 70g fats and high protein and increased salt intake. I have a pretty great stack of supplements I am running and will continue to run until the show>>dosage may vary though depending on how my body response.

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Size:  580.6 KB So this is basically the stack of supplements I'm using... Synthermo is an energy booster/fat burner I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon, the Most Wanted helps with my recovery and maintaining/gaining muscle and I am taking 2 daily, the Chrysin is something new I am trying to raise natural testosterone levels.. right now I am only taking one capsule. I am also still taking the Resveratol two capsules daily. I also switched to this natural protein powder to help not hold water like the normal casein protein would that I was taking. >>>> I got all this at TGB supplements and if you order online use coupon code kdsj for 5% off.

  8. You are looking great girl! With the water, it's easiest just to set goals for the amount you want to take in by certain times of the day...like 1 gallon by lunch, 1/2 gallon by say 9:30. After you do it a few times, it will get easier. Best of luck! I'm in to see how well you do! You've definitely got a good sponsor!
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  9. Yeah that makes sense to set little goals rather than just seeing two jugs of water I need to drink. And thank you im getting alot more anxious this time I think because I know what to expect and I expect more of myself this year especially with all the help and support I've received. But its exciting too especially seeing the changes I've made since last year. Thanks for the tips!! @love2liftkat

  10. Nice!Great job and looking real good!

  11. Any updates? How'd it end up going?
    I will become what I deserve

  12. She ended up taking first in the open

  13. Quote Originally Posted by genthoseffect View Post
    Any updates? How'd it end up going?
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