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  1. Red face Early Contest Preparation

    DISCLAIMER: I'm just a gym rat who is tired from working out without a goal. I don't want to dedicate all my life, money, and time just to win a competition. I'm doing this for fun, so once it starts affecting my other goals in life, I will just quit!

    So, here is my story....
    I will be stuck in Japan for 3+ years on a PhD scholarship. I have a reasonable income, so much time to exercise, cook, and sleep, a small gym where I'm the only one working out(!!), and above all, I can get juice legally in here :headbang:
    So here is the plan:

    1- The Contest:
    It's a Japanese physique competition. I won't expect any professionals over there. Nothing near the sizes and conditioning of American and European ones.
    I'm thinking of joining the competition on August 2015.

    2- Diet:
    From now until April (with some breaks) I will be on keto diet priming before bulking up. I tried many types of diet and I found that it is giving me the best results mentally and physically. I wanna be at 10% by that time.
    After that I will have a 14 weeks bulking up cycle (1.5 g/lb protein, 500g carb and 100g of fat to be adjusted according to my body weight), 3 months maintenance, another 14 weeks of bulking up, 2 months maintenance, then 3 months cutting and contest preparation (keto diet or low fat medium carbs?). Very low sugar, I don't mind bland and boring food, and I drink 200ml of whiskey at least 3 times a month.

    3- Training:
    4 days a week, ~50 minutes per day. Upper body, lower body, and repeat. I don't do cardio coz I do all my transportation either on feet or cycling, in addition to spending most Saturday's dancing! I will consider doing cardio during my contest prep months. I have a very old injury in both wrists, which don't allow me to do curl like movements easily. I usually substitute curls with hammer curls

    4- Gear:
    Bulking up with 400mg - 600mg of Tren E and 125mg Test E, cruising with 125mg Test E, and prepping on 400mg Tren Ace and 125 Test E. I can handle Tren easily with minimum side effects. My biggest concern is losing breath when I do heavy workouts or dancing. This had led me to many panic attacks and vomiting before. I tried using Singulaire, and I could use it to alleviate some of the symptoms. However, this relief is only temporary and it wouldn't last for more than 6 hours in my case. I don't have night sweats, and no sleeping problems. I might use Prami to counter the sexual side effects (it's very hard for me to ejaculate on tren!!).
    I'm living in Japan, where steroids are legal. I can even get HG steroids. Still, I prefer getting UG from the sponsors coz it's much cheaper.

    5- Supplementation:
    Multivitamin, flaxseed oil, creatine, and glutamine.

    6- My current stats:
    5'9, 190lbs, ~15% bf.

    I'm an absolute beginner, and I hope that you can give me enough advice regarding training, diet, gear, supplementation, and schedule.

  2. Ur on steroids and Ur a beginner??? Looks pretty legit.

  3. I don't get it
    What's the problem with that?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by fifo_thekid View Post
    I don't get it
    What's the problem with that?
    How long have u been working out?

  5. continuously, 2 years. and before that i worked out for another 2 years

  6. Quote Originally Posted by fifo_thekid View Post
    continuously, 2 years. and before that i worked out for another 2 years
    Ohh ok, so ur new to bb competitions, thats what u were tryna say right?


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