Question on pre contest diet

  1. Question on pre contest diet

    Hey guys I have a question regarding carbs before bed at night time while prepping for a show. Does anyone cut carbs out completely before bed ? My problem is that when it come to night time i am always so hungry. I don't have this problem during the day. Just when it comes to pre bed. So my question is would it hurt to have a cup of oatmeal with like 8 egg whites before bed ? Right now my diet looks like this:-36 ounces of fish a day-3 cups of brown rice a day-2 scoops of whey isolate a day-cup of oatmeal a day-2 scoops fiber dx-3 cups of brocolliI would like to add one more cup of oats as well as some egg whites to this as a pre bed meal ? Any thoughts ?

  2. I wouldn't do any carbs before bed besides those that are in your shake!!!

  3. Oatmeal with fiber and protein and you'll be fine.

  4. Unless your taking those carb in as a part of your post workout meal, I would avoid carbs and stick with a Pro/Fat meal or shake as my last meal. If that isn't filling you up then add some veggies to it. Fibrous carbs are grate for giving you that full feeling with out the down side of the other forms of carbs. Just my 2 cents.

  5. Yeah I decided to just suck it up and just keep my carbs around workout time. Can't afford the insulin spike. Thanks for the input though.

  6. Sounds good. How many weeks do you have left before your show?

  7. August 24th Pennsylvania state bodybuilding, Allentown pa and may do October 3rd big cat classic if I can stay in contest shape long enough.

  8. Good luck.


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