How much meat consumption per day ?

  1. How much meat consumption per day ?

    Hey guys just curious to see how many ounces of meat you guys consume per day during contest prep ? Right now I'm doing 36 ounces of chicken per day. Is that too much ? I eat 12 ounces each in 3 of my 6 meals. The rest of my diet consists of greens, sweet potatos, oats, whey isolate, and omega 3 fish oil 3 grams a day. So my question is an I eating to much chicken for contest prep ?

  2. It's not too much if your macros are in line, but you may want a bit of variety for health and sanity reasons. Fish, specifically yellow or blue fin sashimi, is an e****lent source. Boiled shrimp works well, and eggs are good too. Don't be afraid to have some lean beef either. I eat it almost every day during my prep.

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