What it takes!!!!!!!

  1. What it takes!!!!!!!

    I start contest prep for the northern ky in dec. right now I'm just worried about development and growth feel I have a long way to go.

    So on this thread I will be updating my diet changes and development pictures.
    This whole next yr is basically a contest prep for me. 1st show and this sport is to hard to not be number one.

    Little back ground. Started lifting about 10months ago and I was approached saying man you have the body to compete but do you have the heart it takes..can def say that's when it all changed. I got hooked up with some great people and influences now I'm in the road to do what all of us on here want be the best.

    Age 22
    Weight 200
    Height 5'7"
    Body fat % 12

    Weight for com 202
    Body fat % by Nov 7%

  2. After 10months
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  3. you obviously have some mass. picture quality makes it hard to comment on proportions/weak points/ect. imagine if you cut you'd look pretty good

  4. Thanks all be updating the pics right before I cut in October

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