First contest April 6,2013 advice for a newb

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    That's called dedication
    Thanks man. It's been hard but the end of the road is near just got to keep my eyes on the prize . 1st place teen class baby.

  2. Only 5 weeks to go. I hit a bump in the road being stressed out by things unrelated to this. Sushi with soy sauce definitely helped me tonight on my refeed day since i really haven't eaten in 2 days. Tomorrow I'm right back on the plan.

    The national teen champ from last yr is in the new flex magazine. He's going through a chest workout with chris cormier.

  3. Today was my carb-up day my first one with only oats and rice cakes and honestly I'm real excited to see how I look and feel tomorrow. It's keeping me much lighter than a bunch of yams/sweet potatoes. Will tell you guys about the overall results tomorrow and break it down for everyone a little better than. Keep moving forward guys.

  4. Saturday March 2, exactly five weeks away from my first bodybuilding contest. As I promised I would outline and give details of my last carb up day. Well to begin, I used only old fashion oats and lightly gluten free rice cakes besides my usually salads but that's just for fiber and vitamins. Overall I took in around 220 carbs yesterday on my carb up day after being at 50 for the two days before. I was feeling like I was looking really flat that Thursday but Friday is always my carb up. I had 4.5cups of oats (175 carbs) and 6 rice cakes (45 carbs about). I felt great all day , didn't get any carb bloat just felt awesome. Today I woke up and took some pictures like I do ever few days and WOW, it leaned me out better than anything else. I have never looked better even on a Zero carb day. My triceps were feathered same with legs. My body really loves the oats and rice cakes. This week was a huge jump towards learning the best results for "my" body. I can't take all the credit for this idea though, the great Jay Cutler takes about using only oats and rice cakes in ripped to shreds and I was interested so tried it. Along with other bodybuilders I study. I feel and look better than I have all prep so I will stick to oats and rice cakes for another three weeks at least and continue to update the AM family. Also adding extra water to egg whites and oats really helps keep you full and not nearly as hungry it's great. Got legs and shoulders today should be a great workout. Time to kill it this week boys!

  5. Keep it up Tank!!! Knock it out of the park like Dexter did at the Arnold. Just don't be like me and peak to early. I have to add carbs on my high carb cycle day and add back in creatine.

  6. Yeah I was worried about peaking early but now I think I'm right on phase to come in perfectly. I recently added a few supplements to my routine that should really enable my body to function at its best. And no not AAS haha waiting till three weeks out to add in some winny. If your curious about what I added in Id be willing be share.

  7. Daily supplements Fireball(4)-2x daily pre cardio, pre meal 7keto(2-3)-2x daily pre cardio, pre meal Sports multi(2)- with morning meal Recreate(3)-2x daily pre cardio, pre cardio Uva Uris(6)-3x daily with meals B-complex(4)-2 x daily morning meal, one other meal ZMA(3)- night empty stomach

    Those are currently what and how I am taking. I started most of these at five weeks out. The fat burners I started six weeks out just to give my cardio sessions a little kick. And now I have lowered my sodium levels trying to get some of that extra water I have purposely been holding onto just because.

  8. Are you going to take a diuretic? Uvi ursis is an ingredient is most otc diuretics.

  9. Yes I'm using it for that purpose now just a little to help with water weight then 10 days out start Xpel.

  10. Sounds good man. I'm actually using xpel starting 5 days out. I add some sodium this weekend since I'm really low. I'll be starting my sodium manipulation 15 days out

  11. Why only starting it five days out ?

  12. For physique you don't want to be to low and veiny. My fear is that i will lose everything. I am debating between 5&10 days out

  13. Ahh yeah good call. I would say 4-5 days honestly that being that case. And if you get too veiny maybe stop a day early or something.

  14. I'm naturally veiny in arms and legs. Abs are progressing nicely. 6 pack now working on 8. I have to do back to back peak weeks since i have back to back shows.

  15. Instead of picking up winny or a PH starting four weeks out I'm going to be running Erase Pro. Anyone ever use this product before? Looks like it will really harden me up before the show I might even start only three weeks after just debating. Looking for some insight folks.
    Thanks. Also I am still making amazing gains everyday in my body composition I don't have a need to change any of my carbs up currently because with the extra little cardio I'm killing my fat and draining my water. Might be able to stay at my current carb cycling till two weeks out.

  16. Erase pro is a pct so i am really not sure how it'll be by itself. I just started a 5 week cycle of hdrol taking eod (every other day) to minimize side effects.

  17. Taken yesterday after my leg/shoulder day. A little four weeks out. My left inner quad is lacking from a pervious injury I know it sucks... Let me know what you guys think. Also holding a good amount of water and its a normal carb day so not a shredded as I could be. Thoughts?
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by LilTank View Post
    Taken yesterday after my leg/shoulder day. A little four weeks out. My left inner quad is lacking from a pervious injury I know it sucks... Let me know what you guys think. Also holding a good amount of water and its a normal carb day so not a shredded as I could be. Thoughts?
    I remember the first time I saw veins in my quads at first I was scarred and freaked out then I jumped up and down all excited lol. Looking good tank.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by njphysique View Post
    Erase pro is a pct so i am really not sure how it'll be by itself. I just started a 5 week cycle of hdrol taking eod (every other day) to minimize side effects.
    Erase is NOT a pct. it is an aromatise inhibitor, it will inhibit estrogen production in the presence of higher testosterone levels. It inhibits the enzyme aromitase . I hope you have a serm(clomid or nolva) and some d aspartic acid. Erase isn't going to cut it for your pct. even hdrol will shut you down

    Oh and yeah tank erase rids your body of extra water , really helps a lot for keeping you dry

  20. No worries I got my actually pct on hand. Just wanted erase pro to really harden up before the show and everything. Just an update for everyone tomorrow is four weeks out pretty much and I have been at 50,25,0 carbs the last three days. I have stepped up my cardio to the extreme idk why just did and its given me amazing results. Honestly could be contest ready in a week so because I haven't experimented with carbing for the night before the show tomorrow I will act as if it is the night before the show. Ill give everyone a layout of what I did and how it went on Saturday and again on Sunday to see if any more changes happened. I have really depleted carbs from my body as you would the few nights before not to the same extreme but it will give me a good idea how my body reacts with the added fats and all the carbs at night.Stayed tuned folks good research coming up here. This is part of the reason I started my dieting 17 weeks out for my first show so I could experiment with this just incase I was low enough body fat. Still holding that extra water but with erase pro and those last two weeks ill be h2o free lol.

  21. How old are you tank, just curious

  22. 19 years old been training on bodybuilding for less than a year honestly.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by LilTank View Post
    19 years old been training on bodybuilding for less than a year honestly.
    great progress then man. I'm 19 as well, kinda wanted to start doing shows but need to put on a little more mass. 10 more pounds would be nice

  24. Yeah this past offseason I got to 212 under 10% down around 191 now under 5ish now this next off season which will be around 18 months I'm trying to get to 235-245. Gotta get big brother lol

  25. Quote Originally Posted by LilTank View Post
    Yeah this past offseason I got to 212 under 10% down around 191 now under 5ish now this next off season which will be around 18 months I'm trying to get to 235-245. Gotta get big brother lol
    Jesus Christ , you're around 5 foot 11? You got like 4 inches on me lol. Getting bigs hard without FOOOD

  26. Thanks man . I this I was made for this sport honestly .

  27. When are you posting pictures tank? log below

  28. This upcoming week.

  29. Okay everyone slight change to my diet . Will stop carb cycling for this next week keeping carbs at 100 a day and bumping my fats from basically 0 to 100 while increasing cardio and bumping down proteins from 350 to 300. My fats have been to low for too low and I'm starting to have mental and emotional break downs . Also increased of good fats helps burn fat will keep everyone posted on how this goes over the next week .

  30. Another update I have gone back to my originally plan of sticking to carb cycling. But surprise after 3 months of perfect dieting four weeks out I am having a cheat day after my refeed day. I have a good feeling this will help me mentally , and increase fat loss due to tricking my body. For all you worried about " gaining fat " or messing up my diet , please remember I'm already in contest shape so now I'm just trying to really work on fine details and stay mentally sharp. Plus I have 390 mins of cardio this week and carb cycling this is my overall calories being lowered each week with more cardio added. I know my body needs this and after the mental break downs I've been having its what I need. Will have pictures up this week to show everyone

  31. My last cheat meal for the day will be at 9:30-10pm as it would the night before contest. Overall I will be taking in 5,400 calories , 226g of fat, 391g of protein, and 401g of carbs. Usually my overall count is around 2,200-2,500 depending on my carbs for the day. I have eaten 4 clean meals with 2 cheat meals, and two shakes. I didn't go super crazy or anything but I did have two Slices of pizza with a Wetzel pretzel , and last meal will be a double stacker from BK no fries. Maybe an apple pie. Taking picture tonight then again tomorrow.

  32. Results the next day from cheat day. Vascular as hell!! Holding a little extra water from the high sodium and drinking a ton of water during the night but overall I feel great! And look great! So not regret it at all! But now I got two hours of cardio today with only 25 carbs back tithe grins ya'll!!

  33. Sorry about the constant updates AM family but I want to make sure I'm staying truthful and accurate with what I'm doing. After days and days of research I have come to a clear cut conclusion being under 10 grams of fat FOR THE DAY everyday for 2-3months has driven me insane. My body was in ketosis for so long with no fats my brain /hormones eventually gave out. So I am four weeks out, going to stop carb cycling for these next two weeks. Keep my carbs around 25-40 daily but increase my fats 90g daily. My overall calories will still be lower than normal but proteins are a little on the higher side but I don't care. Cardio will keep increasing. I'm holding a ton of extra water from yesterday and going to the restroom a lot. My body soaked up a lot of that food and really filled me out, the night before the contest I will for sure be using pizza and pretzels to carb up. No burgers or sugars though.

  34. I'm against showing my full progress before the show. But here my feathered quads and triceps after a carb-up and increased carb breakfast. Found drinking black tea and decreasing water really helps me,also my body is loving the higher fats. Makes me vascular and fill out nicely.
    This week I'm upcoming my carbs,lowering protein (was to high), and slightly lowering fats.
    Macros are 55g (F),carbs 175g(net carbs), 290g(protein). I'm just honestly trying to maintain at this point as my glutes are already coming in along with my Christmas is in. And this is without depleting or lack of water.

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  35. Looking good Tank!

  36. Thanks man were getting so close ,all I want is junkie food right now...I don't even like junk food lol.

  37. I hear that!!! Few more weeks and its eating time!

  38. How you making out Tank? Getting close.

  39. Actually had some serious health concerns the past week. Had to forgo the diet for a whole day to try to get my body regular. Now after a forced cheat day ( yes I know I am pissed about this), I am trying to drop all this crappy water I put on, while still trying to get healthy....12 days out this could not of happened at a worse time.

  40. For serious medical reasons I have to stop my contest prep. Never been so pissed,depressed ",annoyed and scared at the same time. It appears I literally pushed my body to hard to fast and was peaked out for too long and my organs began to become dehydrated and not work. So now I have to take 1-2 off of training at least and waiting on the test results on how much damage I did to my organs .


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