Sauce for chicken and steak pre contest diet

  1. Sauce for chicken and steak pre contest diet

    Can anyone recommend me some good sauces or mustards for precontest diet. I'm getting tired of my lightly seasoned chicken and steak!

  2. Most hot sauce. Many good ones are zero sugar.
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  4. Thermogenesauce. So good. Hot and has flavor.

  5. get the chili hot sauce at walmart... delicious.... it has a rooster on it

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  7. tobasco.... do you marinate your chciken... for steak ive been using mcormicks smokehouse maple, applewood rub, and molassas bacon ( i love the smoke flavor stuff) the smokehouse maple taste slamming on salmon..its legit, as for chicken are you boiling it or grilling it? marinading it does alot jsut marinade it in zety italian salad dressing over night, as for sauces lost acres farms makes a really good spicy and sweet pepper relish its hard to find though, my favorite is making some caramlized onions (cheat meal haha) but it makes the flavor of the chicken so good and you can control the ingredients you put in... maybe make some tiziki sauce (like on a gyro).... hummus is good...... hell even spreading some avacado on your chicken is tastyy... ketchup.... throw some pickels on chicken( sounds gross but isnt too bad) peanut butter on your chicken... i could think of more let me know if you want

  8. Franks buffalo sauce for chicken or thermogensauce.
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