Summer scorch to the INBF with Erase/AT2/Focus XT

  1. Summer scorch to the INBF with Erase/AT2/Focus XT

    Objectives: Competition prep for the NGA Mr. Galaxy 9/17 (14 weeks) and the INBF Long Island Experience 9/24 (15 weeks)
    I may jump into the OCB mid-Atlantic 8/27 (11 weeks) depending on how I look in the beginning of August.
    This also a log for Focus XT and the PES Erase/Alpha T2 stack. SNS has been kind enough to let me try a tub of Focus XT and I will also be logging that seperately.

    2:45PM - 1 scoop Elite XT, 2tbsp sesame oil, water.
    2 PES Alpha-T2, Beverly International BCAA's/Ultra 40, Cellucor P6Extreme (not black or red, the natty), Chaotic Labz Annihilate, Focus XT
    3:30 - Workout
    5:00 - 3 whole eggs, 3 strips turkey bacon, 1/2 grapefruit. 2,000mg omega 3/6/9, 1 PES Erase, Beverly International BCAA's/Ultra 40
    7:30 - 6oz chicken breast, 1oz almonds, salad greens, apple cider vinegar
    10:00 - 6oz ground turkey, 1 cup summer squash
    10:30 - I may throw back another scoop of Focus XT if I think Im gonna need it before work at 11:00
    1:00 - 6oz chicken breast, 1oz almonds, 1 cup kale, 1 Erase, 1 AT2
    3:30 - 6oz ground turkey, 1 cup kale
    6:30 - 4oz chicken breast, salad greens, apple cider vinegar
    7:30 - 3 CRG G-Factor, 5mg melatonin, 1 Erase, 2,000mg omega-3/6/9, a glass of red wine (yup)
    8:00 - Naptime

    Small snacking on fat sources like peanut butter or almonds if I feel hungry.

    Current stats:
    • Age: 23
    • Weight: 161
    • Height: 5'6"
    • Body Fat: Dunno, around 13%
    • Previous achievements: 2nd place Open Lightweight NGA Garden State 2011

    • 1 body part per day, hamstrings and calves 2x weekly. M=Chest, T=Triceps, W=Shoulders, Th= Biceps, F= Back.
    • Only training quads with one big motion per week, trying to balance my upper and lower body... my legs are huge.
    • Cardio 3x weekly; 1/2 hr postworkout. I also swim a lot on weekends.

    Additional Supplements
    • Centrum Complete (Multivitamin)
    • Kre-Alkalyn (Creatine)
    • Kre-Celazine (Joint Support)
    • Vanadyl Sulfate (Insulin mimicker)
    • Chromium Picolinate (Blood sugar control)

    Changes are made through the process and I will post them accordingly. I can log almost daily but going to limit it to 2-3 times per week with highlights and (hopefully) pictures. I can also do basic bloodwork every day but going to limit that 1 per week.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  2. Good luck on the contest prep, I'll be following.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  3. First week down. Finally got Focus XT into the mix and love it.

    I can see my physique tightening up a bit. Less water weight from controlling sodium, abdominal wall is fully visible but only a 4-pack showing with flex, legs have lining especially in the calves. Chest is shaping out and holding high. My arms and shoulders grew. Back has good lining the whole way down. I can tell I've dropped a few points of body fat already. Down to 160.2. I'm making some dry gains while dieting?... nice. I think my calves got smaller though

    I'm considering changing the ratios to be more protein and drop out some of the fats to balance caloric intake. Any thoughts on this? I'm a little worried about kidney issues though. I'm hovering around the 2300 kCal/day mark. Sodium never exceeds 1800 mg/day. Carbs <30g, protein about 220g, the rest are fats. I did find some sesame puree - mmm. You gotta have a taste for this otherwise its nasty. A gallon of water a day - half of it was brewed with 5 bags of Green tea and some lemon juice.

    Even though I'm loosing body fat and weight my numbers are going up! I can still pack 3 plates onto the bar for squats. Smythe bench press is the best its ever been at 265. I'll post more numbers when I have my notebook in front of me. No cardio yet - gonna start soon.

    PES Erase has been keeping me hard and full while on carb depletion. When I started Alpha-T2 I was expecting a big kick from it, but I'm glad it's not. Considering I'm taking a few other things with stimulants and hyping up my metabolism, it's probably better this way. It has a nice synergistic effect. No crash either!

    As for the test boost (Cellucor P6, Chaotic Labz Annihilate) - I really don't expect to see their effects for another few days. From what I understand it takes 7-10 days for a DAA to come into effect. Annihilate does have 5,7-methoxyflavone so I'm hoping I don't start getting moody and irritable with it.

    Taking 3 G-Factor before bed with 2 P6, 1 Erase, 5mg melatonin, and a glass of red wine. And it's lights out! My sleep has been real good, once in a while I wake up from hunger so I have 2tbsp of peanut butter or some fat source.

    I was told I had a swing or two this week - maybe just from the initial carb cut off? I didn't notice. Still energized for the workouts and very excited about this on season. No brain fog or mental blur (thanks Focus XT!). No difficulties at work with energy or problem solving. I did oversleep Friday; I forgot to set my alarm.

    I'm thinking about not cutting my hair until 2-3 weeks out... then shaving it... into a mohawk... died blue... in liberty spikes.

    I'll have blood work and some better stats on Monday/Tuesday.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  4. Hahaha, u should totally do the hair like that!

  5. Im gonna try for it kingjames.

    Well, I start adding some cardio in this week. I'm home by the parents for Father's Day and decided I'm gonna go swim for a bit. I'm an avid swimmer. Since age 3 or 4 I've been able to maintain a stroke and swam competitvely for years when I couldn't play football.

    So let's do 500m... nothing crazy. How hard could it be????? Cmon, I used to miles.

    I was DEAD after 100m (4 laps) of crawl. I managed to do 200m but cut it off then. Amazing how different athleticism is between aerobic and anaerobic. I'll try again tomorrow.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  6. Looks good

  7. Swimming is a great exercise and a nice way to get your cardio in. I hate cardio so much and always have to talk myself into doing each full session, unless a sport is involved.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

    NGA - 13 WEEKS
    INBF - 14 WEEKS

    Some adjustments to be made involving current diet and training. Had some basic bloodwork done and looking stable. Starting to see more lines and shapes - we're on the right track!

    Increasing rep ranges for most exercises to the 10-15 range. Occasionally 20.
    Today was shoulders with some work on quads and abs: (weight)x(reps)x(sets)
    • DB Front Raises - 10(w) x 20(r) x 3(s)
    • Seated Single DB Lateral Raise - 15x20;20x20;25x20
      -Done on bench leaning body over slightly to side being worked
    • Seated DB Press 50x10x2;55x8x2
      -Deep negative peak below 90o
    • Forward DB Raises 40x12;40x10;50x8x2
      -Slight swing upward, concentration on negative rep, inverting grip to a suppinated palm at peak

    Trying to develop more separation at the point of origin for each head

    Squats - 135x10;225x10;125x10;225x8 Get down! Ass to Heel!

    Weighted Abdominal Crunches - 135x12x3 Using the pulley and rope around neck

    25 minutes treadmill - ugghhhh. boring. 3.0 speed/6.0 incline

    Some changes made here based on addition of cardio. Now lifting in a fasted state. Trying to eliminate as many carbs as possible and lower protien intake simply to maintenance. Replacing missing calories with fat sources. And I found sesame puree! MMMmm:P
    PRE-W/O - 1sc Focus XT, Beverly Int. MASS BCAAs'/Ultra 40 (4 each)
    POST-W/O - 2sc Dynamize Elite XT, Beverly Int. MASS BCAA's/Ultra 40 (4 each)
    MEAL #1 - 3 eggs, 3 strips turkey bacon
    MEAL #2 - 4oz chicken, 1/2c green vegetables, 1tbsp sesame puree
    MEAL #3 - 4oz ground turkey breast, 1/2c green vegetables (no fats, turkey covers it)
    MEAL #4 - 4oz chicken, 1/2c green vegetables, 1oz almonds
    MEAL #5 - 4oz ground turkey breast, 1/2c green vegetables
    MEAL #6 - 4oz albacore tuna, 3oz salad greens, 1oz almonds, apple cider vinegar

    I'm not this strict to it but providing examples. Basically trying to achieve 2200-2300kCal:
    fats = 60-70% caloric intake

    If I get hungry (which is becoming more frequent) I will snack on an ounce of almonds or a tablespoon of sesame puree
    Cooking all my chicken and vegetables in sesame oil.
    Every other day - replace meal #2 with 6oz lean red meat and vegetables, fats are covered by the meat.

    Adding in SNS ALCAR and TTA (thanks guys!) to help get lean. Considering stacking fat burner for syngeristic effects of AT2
    Cellucor P6 Extreme officially blows but I'll finish it
    Chaotic Labz Annihilate - starting to feel the effects... i think my balls got bigger lol
    CRG G-Factor - I sleep amazing! It's helping to lean out and keep size
    Erase - helping me keep a full and hard look
    AT2 - I sweat like crazy! no crash or mental issues
    Focus XT - love this product, amazing zoned in effects without slapping you in the face or crashing, great multipurpose

    Starting to take it's turn south. That was expected now that any glycogen stored last week is long gone and forgotten. I'm napping more frequently before work. I still keep a good intensity in my workouts and not lethargic to do my daily activities at home or work so that's good.

    Haven't lost any of it. My trainer says his design for my appearance in entirely different this time around. That's exciting. He says I won't look as full and bodied but ripped as ****. I'm down - let's try it out. Not moody by any means and haven't had any of the irritability that stems from isoflavones. My libido is shooting up but differently: I'm becoming more selective in my interests but ravenous when I see somethign I like. There's an increasing gap with little middle class.

    Haven't worked on it at all lately but I should start picking out a song for my routine. I would love to do a Flex Wheeler/Clarence DeVis inspired rendition to Victor Wooten - Me and My Bass Guitar
    If I do - I gotta start choreographing NOW!!! But I'm open to suggestions

    RBC = 4.55x106
    Hemoglobin = 14.9g/dl This is high for me! I'm usually low like 11-13 (which is OK for women). Signs the test boost is working.
    Hematocrit = 43.6% No abnormal cell morphology
    WBC = 6.5x103 Normal differential
    PLT = 179x103 I always run low

    BUN = 35.2 I always run high!!! It scares me sometimes, I should really do this fasting.
    CREATININE = 1.2 Expected high from unfasted and also lifting
    HDL/LDL/VLDL/TRIG = 83/93/13/65 I think this would look a little better if I was fasted. It's good otherwise
    CHOLESTEROL = 189 On the high end (good is <200) but unfasted and keeping high intake from test boost
    CALCIUM = 10.1
    Electrolytes = Normal
    Liver Enzymes = Normal
    CK = 152 Expected higher from muscle tissue damage from lifting
    Thyroid = Normal
    Pancreatic = Normal
    Hemoglobin A1c = 5.2 Yay! I don't have diabetes!

    Pictures probably next week at 12 week mark.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  9. Good update

  10. 159.0 at 12% today post workout
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  11. I'm not eating enough. Changes to diet in progress

  12. Trying to decide a posing song. Here's what i'm thinking:

    This would be awesome, but ****in tough. Im open to suggestions.

    Workouts have been solid. Here's today's:
    Cable pulley pushdown: 80x20x2, 90x12, 100x6
    Overhead cable pulley push: 70x15, 85x15, 95x10, 110x8
    Single hand pulley pushdown: 30x15, 40x12, 45x10x2
    Overhead DB press: 20x15, 25x10x3
    Machine shrugs (forward facing): 180x20, 360x20, 540x15/12
    Lying hamstring curls: 60x20, 80x20, 100x12/10
    -Kept these only half way down as to work on the twitch motion
    Seated hamstring curl: 80x20, 90x15, 100x15
    Lying calve press->Seated calve press (10 reps each superset): 540 on lying, 180 on seated
    25min cardio: treadmill 6.0 incline, 3.0 speed

    Diet is locked in (finally) and Im moving at a good pace. Im looking to be in single digit BF soon. All my workouts are designed for detailing and eventually, not anytime soon, Im gonna up the cardio. Eating superclean and paleo with a ketogenic framework. Im taking naps during the day a bit more frequently, i gotta cut it out or im gonna have NO energy.
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  13. Finishing up week 2. Going one more week complete carbohydrate depletion. I will upload a video sometime this weekend.

    I know I've been slacking, I've been very busy between family visiting and trying to find a new car. Will be updating more frequently.

    Anyway, taking a break from the DAA for a bit. It's a great product and I recommend it - Chaotic Labz Annihilate. Real expensive but well worth it. The CRG G-Factor isn't anything special. Switching over to A.I. Sports HGHPro (love this stuff). Got two bottles at a great price on their July promotion.

    I've decided to do Van Halen for my routine, what song?>not sure yet.

    OK question: Over the last few days I've been cramping A LOT. Feels like muscle tightness and almost like a quick Charlie Horse. I'm getting them in my shoulders, quads and especially my calves (sometimes feet!). Body fat is moving down to single digits and sodium is around 1600mg/day. Does this sound like too low a sodium intake or am I just waaaay overdue for a deep tissue massage? This hurts, help please.

    I'll start cycling carbs in 2 weeks (7/24). Going 1-2-3-1-2-3...

    Cardio: 20m walk (6.0incline, 3.0 speed) -> 10m jog (6.0 incline, 4.0 speed)

    Working biceps/triceps on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They're my weak point.
    Alternating some leg work every other day. Quads/hamstring+calves.
    Abdominals M/T/Th/F
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka

  14. Taurine, potassium, water, and electrolytes are all good for fighting the cramps. I get those sometimes too. I got the calf ones today doing calf raises.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  15. Well I took these past two weekend days off from anything but stable diet. Adding a little additional salt to some food to see if that makes a difference this week. I was supposed to post a video, workin on it.

    Down to 158.4
    By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.
    Franz Kafka


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